Oct 092005

There’s nothing personal about ‘enlightenment’, yet for the one and only mind the concept of enlightenment is meaningless, too.

In reality, being unenlightened is not an option. So, what is there to enlighten?

The answer can only be: an illusion, no doubt.

But what does it mean when an illusion becomes enlightened?

An illusion is not real. Therefore, anything that happens to it cannot be real either.

Whatever isn’t real doesn’t exist.

So, what’s all the fuss about?

Just be, don’t worry.

Love is our being.


If this sounds too simple, it’s because I’m hearing it with ears of separation.

Separation is the illusion that makes everything seem difficult, because it’s a desperate flight into confusion, away from the simple and undivided truth.

Separation gives rise to the ego-mind, and ego doesn’t understand or know anything about undivided being.

But I am not the ego.

Looking at the ego with the vision of Love I can see that the idea of separation doesn’t make sense at all. Therefore, in my right mind I don’t find it practical to rely on its divisive judgment.

This is a choice that depends on me.

Reality is God-given, and I cannot change anything about it. What I can change, however, is my acceptance of it.

It’s not the dark vision of ego, that is accepting this. It’s me, in my split-seconds of clarity.

In my clouded state of mind it would be unwise not to ask for help from the One who knows – the One I am.

See? It’s simple, after all.

Here’s the trick of the trade we can learn from God:

  • Alone I can do nothing, because alone I am nothing.
    I am everything by sharing what I am.

The eternal prayer of creation is just that: complete communion by sharing the Love that I am.

I can’t help sharing what I believe to be true and – because experience is a perfect feed back system – everything is always showing me what it is that I’m sharing, whether it’s the illusion of fear or the reality of love.

This goes for all levels of awareness and isn’t limited to bodily experiences, because we are not created as a body but as a pure extension of God.

The body and this world are not an extension of God’s reality, but an extension of the idea of separation, and therefore an illusion.

We can only dream of being less than All, but we cannot change our being.

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  • A Course in Miracles (ISBN 0-9606388-8-1). More information about this wonderful book for self-study can be found at the website: http://www.acim.org/
  • Gary Renard’s The Disappearance of the Universe : Straight Talk About Illusions, Past Lives, Religion, Sex, Politics, and the Miracles of Forgiveness.
  • The book by Gary Renard is a great help in understanding the teaching of A Course in Miracles.
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