Nov 302005

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No matter what any person believes, the image of some sort of God will come into their mind. Even if they do not believe in that image, they will still hold an image of God in their minds, so that they can reject it…Therefore; God has to exist in the mind of the most ardent non-believer.

Since a belief is only a concept or a perception and a non-belief is the opposite of another person perception, both concepts can never possess sufficient validity or proof in the existence or non-existence of God.

A belief needs some doubt of the truth, for if there is truth, there is no need of belief. Therefore: A belief in God cannot possess too much validity or proof.

But, a thought of God exists in everybody’s Mind.

And a thought is beyond any belief or non-belief.

The image of God that the non-believer wants to dismiss, still stays in his/her mind and therefore must exist in that persons life.

For something not to exist, it cannot be experienced in a thought. This is proof beyond any Doubt…That God exists in every persons mind.

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