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Earth has but one religion, the religion of separation, and even atheists fervently adhere to it. No creed is defended more fiercely than that of separation, because it’s all driven by an unrecognized sense of guilt.

Guilt is caused by the belief that I can really separate myself from the all encompassing whole that is the Love of God. Separation, then, would mean taking over His power in order to create a world apart from the one and only reality.

Love is total and changeless. Therefore, my world of separation, which is not total and changes constantly, could only be a realm without love. Being separate from reality is an illusion, but since I take my lovelessness seriously, I also believe that I really did attack my Creator by usurping His power, and this causes terrible fear of punishment.

The primordial feeling of guilt is so painful that it cannot be supported, so it’s immediately repressed. This denial of guilt dulls my worst fears but it doesn’t make me happy, because the idea of guilt is still ruling my mind, unconsciously.

I now may even blame God for the cruel world that He never created, nor knows anything about, because it’s a dream that only appears in my deluded mind and does not exist in reality.

The acceptance that guilt is the basic thought underlying all my human actions doesn’t come easy. Nevertheless, in my quiet moments I’m beginning to see it, because peace is the hallmark of reality.

The idea of guilt is not based on anything real, but it’s a fact that I cannot let go of what I don’t want to recognize as a thought in my mind.

By keeping a thought hidden, I’m allowing my mind to be its prisoner and giving up control of what I think, which is making me very unreasonable.

To recognize a thought, however painful it may be, means to accept the power of mind which is not mine alone, but which I share with God and the wholeness of Creation. This power enables me to forgive myself, which is a complete change of mind.

The idea of sharing the power of God is, of course, blasphemy to the religion of separation, to which we all somehow adhere, or we wouldn’t be here anymore. It’s the denial of the power we share with God that is keeping the idea of guilt alive, and ego is the name of the game.

So, it’s clear that the unforgiving thought system of separation cannot restore the mind to its wholeness, and that healing, therefore, has to come from what is forever whole.

Healing is making whole and only wholeness can make whole, simply by extending itself. That’s why I cannot be healed as an individual, apart from others, only as a whole. Healing is of the eternal mind and not concerned with curing bodily ailments at all, but it can have such a temporary side effect. Besides, who would want to be limited to a perishable body, when everything is forever available as a gift from God? When the dream of separation has completely dropped away, the need for healing will have gone too, because the whole was never really broken.

Healing always has to include each and everyone totally, and only the vision of God, which is our real but most unaccepted vision, can do that.

Everything here is purely a matter of perception. Heaven is what I am, but Hell is what I make of it, by my choice of vision.

The vision of God sees only what is real – the total love that we are – and has no clue of the dreams that I make up for myself, and therefore do not share.

Happiness means being the unconditional extension of myself, while unhappiness means barring the free extension and setting my own terms for it.

‘Thy will be done’ acknowledges the only Will that exists and that I share with God, because we are One Spirit. Anything else means giving in to the illusion of separation.

Feeling guilty may also make me want to ‘heal’ others, but that would be done from the vision of separation, which is without true forgiveness and therefore cannot accomplish anything real. True healing works by giving the healing that I’ve accepted myself, sharing the wholeness that I am. This is true forgiveness.

Wholeness cannot be measured in time and space. Therefore it doesn’t belong to this world. However, its reflection is visible here as a spark of beauty for all who want to see with a vision transformed by forgiveness.

Just trusting the perfect wholeness of one’s being, is the only way to heal and to make happy, which is what we are created for.

This isn’t done by trying to be someone special, let alone someone perfect. Specialness and all efforts to attain perfection are only a denial of our wholeness and therefore perfectly impossible. Every effort to become is just a trap, set up by the ego, to keep us from realizing the true happiness of being what we are, because that would be the end of ego.

There’s nothing real to attain, because total reality is ours forever.

Totality doesn’t take time to exist, nor does it need space to be anywhere. It’s totally at peace, because it’s always immediate and boundless. There’s nothing to wait for, nothing beyond reach, and there are no gaps in awareness. This is the true nature of the mind. Body and brain cannot contain it, as they are only a thought within a tiny silly dream of the mind.

Forgiveness and healing are needed where insanity reigns, which means in all moments of human interaction, and in the forlorn thoughts of every minute, which will continue until the mind is fully restored to its wholeness.

Just let it sink in.
I cannot make myself accept what I am.
I cannot even try it.
I can only do it,
And I can only do it now.

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  1. Dearest Stan,
    This morning, I was having many discouraging thoughts come up,,ok,,it’s only a dream,,so now what,,I know it’s a dream,,and I am trapped,,very disgusted and feeling lost in it,,I too am a long time course student,,and have had many many miracles,,but at this time of my awakening process,,I am having much judgement about the dream,,I having been praying for direction and answers to get out,,of it,,to finally awaken,,well my dear friend and brother,,I read your topic on judgement,,my own judgement is the problem,,I still believe the dream is real,,I am soooo grateful Thank you Thank you,,Judgement and Peace of mind are total opposites,forgiveness for what never happened is the answer,,,so thank you for clearing my mind up.