Jan 262006

My dictionary defines angel as:

  • attendant or messengers from God
  • representation of this in human form with wings
  • virtuous or obliging person

My God is Love, the supreme energy, in which all is good, all is right, all is forgiven, all is one and all is possible.

It is not a personal God.
No one sends me attendants to hold my hand in times of sorrow, or sends messengers with threats and promises.
And yet I believe in angels. They are all around me, most of them on higher planes (evolutionary speaking) and a few very near and dear of family and friends.

And I love angels in human form with wings. This is why I often visit Lichtinsel to draw an angel card to see which angel is accompanying me today.

Today Archangel Michael is by my side.

Archangel Michael

The German (language) site is in Switzerland, so I will roughly translate what Michael stands for:
He represents Justice, Truth and Integrity.
He is a warrior, whose light triumphs over darkness.
He slays dragons and is linked to the legend of St. George.
He helps us to remain strong in difficult times, dissolve our own dark shadows and give us courage when we are alone or treated as outsiders.

Does the internet give angels more opportunity to communicate with us? To me channels are attendants, conveying messages to help us evolve faster. Here is an excerpt from The Spirit of Heaven/Completion written by Lisa J. Smith.

“Hold focused as your I AM Presence makes its way through several avenues opening. Please allow celestial assistance for events will open at light speed as situations are going to fall into place for many. When this happens you will know that God’s Will is in alignment with your own Christ Self.”

Ronna Herman is another of my web friends. She says the realms of angels will become more real and appear to you more often in the glorious days to come.
Coincidence or not, Ronna says she channels Archangel Michael.

So listen:
“The veil of illusion is growing thin and even dissolving for many of you. You are beginning to realize that you do not have to suffer or feel pain. You are beginning to get a glimpse of how awesome and powerful you really are. You are gaining a new conception of what the material realms is all about and that you have choices as to what you will experience, that pain and struggle are caused by fear of change and the unknown. You are beginning to come into the awareness that you are not on this physical plane just to acquire things, material wealth, possessions, and that you must struggle to get your share because there is not enough to go around.”

Let us remember that we are here to experience the joy of creation!
We can create health, wealth, happiness, abundance, and, speaking of myself, I am content with a divine surplus.

  2 Responses to “Healing Thought – Make Friends With Angels”

  1. thank you for the loving topics on your site i want to learn more about angel contact can you help 297536

  2. Hunkydorry… Healing is much more than thought. In this day of age some healing interests have taken to herb use, diet, I believe is key… also,
    therapeutic (supportive) bodywork is an important element if more energy is exerted. We should be careful of what goes into the mouth, as well. An angel for me is devoted to warm-fuzzy guidance and God awareness.