Jan 112006

I opened the book “Juice Diet” and the first thing I came across was French Beans –

Therapeutically the juice of French beans is used as a nervous stimulant and many practitioners have said that the juice stimulates the production of insulin.

(Got two or three insulin injections in ICU. So here is the clue.)


I opened “Aroma Therapy made easy” and found:

Cinnamon Leaf – is a good stimulant and helps in relieving flatulence. Helps to increase secretion and discharge of urine. Prevents stress. Improves complexion and memory. Good for common cold, influenza and sore throat. Helps during excessive menstruation.


I opened A Course in Miracles and my eyes fell on this part of LESSON 194:

What worry can beset the one

who gives his future to the

Loving Hands of God

What can he suffer?

What can cause him pain

Or bring experience of loss to him?

What can he fear?

And what can he regard except with Love?

For he who has escaped all fear of future pain

Has found his way to present peace

And certainty of care

The world can never threaten.

He is sure that his perception may be faulty,

But will never lack correction.

He is free to chose again when he has been deceived,

To change his mind when he has made mistakes.