Feb 192006

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Last year, on a website related to tarot reading (allowed free) I put up the question, “When shall I get divine service?” In a Death card, I read – “Traditionally the Death card is not about literal death of any person. It may represent the death of something else, like a project, plan or relationship.”

That same night I had a dream around 4:30 AM. In my dream I came to know that my wife had slipped in a muddy place and died. People were coming to console me and I was talking to them about the happening, and sometimes sobbing. I was not seeing the dead body of my wife, which was supposed to be there, but I was convinced that it had happened. The dream may have continued for at least 15-20 minutes and in the same mood I woke up with tearful eyes.

Surprised to see my wife at my side I went to the bathroom to wash my tearful eyes and face. It took another 15 minutes to become normal. Then I tried to wake up my wife to tell about the dream. She was still in a very sleepy mood and when I was talking to her she misunderstood the whole dream and fell asleep again. However, my narration about the dream was also not clear, due to my sobbing.

Around 6 AM I approached my eldest son who had come home on a short visit. By that time my wife had also gotten up and joined us. I repeated the dream to them and expressed my surprise over the coincidence of the dream and the reading of the tarot death card on the previous evening.

Then my son told me, “Papa, I also saw your death about 10 days back in my dream.”

For a man his son, wife and wealth are the most desirable and having them is a matter of great pride. My and my son’s dreams clearly indicate that before one can embark on ‘divine service’ one has to break away from worldly relationships, internally at least. Family members are then considered companions like any others. In the beginning such an attitude may not be acceptable to the family members but when selfishness (hidden in the relationships) gives way to pure love the situation changes into one of cooperation.

Divine service is related to offering one’s services to humankind, and it is best done when one is free from worldly relationships. If relatives understand this point they are most welcome to join the mission, otherwise one manages on one’s own. Naturally, in due course of time, like-minded aspiring people will be supportive.

SP Sharma, India

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