Jun 202006

In India, marriages are still mostly arranged by the parents considering caste, status and other factors, and organized traditionally. However, traditional customs are giving way due to the stress and strain of modern life. In such a situation, pairs of lovers, mutually agreeing to marry but from a different setup have to face the wrath of parents and relatives. Since love is blind it may happen between a girl and boy of different castes, religions, status, etc. It so happens that when the boy and girl realize that their parents will not agree to their marriage, they take drastic actions.

When we love someone it is a natural feeling to serve him and enjoy his company forever for the prospering of love (i.e. sans physical love).

Now consider that a devotee chooses God (or a spiritual teacher) as his lover with the inner feelings of a female (in case the devotee is a male) and wishes to serve Him. God doesn’t belong to our community as we belong to the beggar community (Please see my article: From beggar to saint), bound by various kinds of bondages, and deprived of real love among ourselves. God doesn’t know the worldly ways.

A beggar girl happens to be attracted to a charming prince, i.e. God. Immediately she is lost in thoughts of her lover. Close relatives of the girl are alerted by her unusual love. They wish to remain beggars before God and moreover, they feel that He may deceive the girl as many so called devotees turn out to be indulged again in worldly affairs. But, the girl considers it such an opportunity to become His servant rather than to remain a beggar. But her lover is not from this Earth (though he dwells on Earth finding suitable and lovable ones) and His ways are also different from normal earthly affairs. God is not indulging in worldly activities and His main occupations are to clear Earth from demons and devils and save the righteous and attract them for His innocent love affair.

In the beginning the girl keeps her love secret from the family as her lover is not acceptable to most people for this purpose. When it appears from her actions they are baffled. They expect her to ask Him worldly favours like a beggar, not to become His lover. She is not even allowed to contact or think about Him by her so-called close relatives. God, the lover, may also disappear after the first meeting and the helpless girl tries to escape from her family in His search. She may cry on not being able to find Him but returning home is perhaps not possible. She may become mad in His love and that is what happens to most of the Rasik saints (Rare saints who enjoy the company of God). The time comes when she feels engulfed by her lover mentally and remains in His company eternally. Later it may happen that opposing relatives also feel satisfied.

God never allows His lover to remain indulged in worldly affairs, like earning wealth, name and fame. However, these may be provided by other people but the lover is not much interested in these things and leads a simple and detached life. She utilizes minimum earthly resources for herself and that too for His purpose. Since He is dwelling in His creation, so the girl considers service to mankind as service to Him.

Thus, mankind is also benefited by this love affair.

SP Sharma, India

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About me.
I was born on 8 December 1945 and had self-realisation on 20 August 1977 at the age of 32. Thereafter I automatically shifted to the devotion path and a sort of relationship developed with God. Starting as a servant to God, then friendliness with God and then started liking God in child form. There is nothing left except to enjoy divine love and feel its presence in the whole world.