Aug 172006

A co-passenger on a train journey asked me why God allows all bad happenings in His world while He is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.

Lord Krishna saved, protected, and guided Arjun (His friend, relative and companion) in the Mahabharat war (a great war between the Kauravas and Pandavas about 5000 years ago in India) because he had surrendered to His Will while in a very disgusted mood. But He didn’t protect His sister’s son, Abhimanyu through Arjun, because he had not taken refuge in the Lord. When he lost all his weapons, he was overpowered by several renowned warriors and killed mercilessly against the prevailing rule of battle in those days. He is still remembered as an example of a great hero for showing valour while fighting alone with seven renowned warriors. A real warrior could easily sacrifice his life for such an eternal fame.

God has no business interfering with the affairs of people aspiring for worldly objectives. Out of love He has left us free to do whatever we like or wish to accomplish. The only condition is that we have to follow Newton’s third law to bear the reactions of our actions towards others. We are deceived in this worldly game because the reaction is not immediately felt. A thief doesn’t realize immediately how a victim of his act feels, only when he loses something dear to himself.

God is only full of love and compassion. When we are in real trouble, from which nobody can save us, then we have the right to seek His protection. We have to surrender to His will and accept whatever happens. Here is an example:

A person became rich in a short time and he adopted the common vices of rich people. He happened to murder a person opposing him with the help of his associate. He was finally awarded the death sentence. When he was waiting in prison for the day of his execution, a mercy order was enacted on the occasion of the birth centenary of a renowned personality to pardon all the culprits due for hanging during that particular year. His death sentence was changed to life imprisonment. He developed in the meantime a good character and behaviour and was soon released. I happened to read his public statement which he published in a local paper asking forgiveness in the name of God from all those who had suffered on account of his past deeds. Naturally he had surrendered to God in a helpless situation and got saved.

From above it is clear that God takes care of those who surrender to Him and allows others to pursue their whims and fancies. The majority of people on Earth hardly listen to their parents or elders who are present in flesh and body to guide them. They ignore their advises and sometimes exploit them. God hardly exists for such people. Perhaps they wait for something to happen from which there is no escape; then only they surrender to God or commit suicide, or murder. If they happen to surrender to God they are the luckiest person, as they are saved eternally and taste real love.

The spirit of sacrificing for righteousness, surrender to God, adoption of true love are all divine aspects of a human being, for a most satisfying life. As long as one is only interested in worldly objects one can’t even dream of these aspects. Saints have advised that through wisdom one should realize one’s restlessness of mind and transform it into peace to pursue a love relationship with all.

However, no one is allowed to test God, as He does not bother proving anything according to the whims and fancies of mortal beings. Only saints have found His weakness on the basis of their own experiences that He can’t tolerate the cries of a desolated soul and immediately takes care.

SP Sharma, India


About me.
I was born on 8 December 1945 and had self-realisation on 20 August 1977 at the age of 32. Thereafter I automatically shifted to the devotion path and a sort of relationship developed with God. Starting as a servant to God, then friendliness with God and then started liking God in child form. There is nothing left except to enjoy divine love and feel its presence in the whole world.

  2 Responses to “Whom does God protect?”

  1. I wondered today did God really make any effort in saving souls alive.I guess because sometimes as a life long Christian it has been all I’ve know, but in this journey I find that life is a constant battle and the only thing that makes it easier is having a relationship or connection of the knowledge of God. But today I really wondered why God allows some people to die even though they believe in Him.(I know that we all will die someday. So Sharma I appreciated your comment, but you said that Lord Krishna save one guy because he believed in him and the other he allowed to perish because he choise his own path. You may not be Christain but I wonder if you can tell why Our Omnipresent, Omnicient, Omnipotent God will seem to act in like manner as a human Lord.Yes I believe he gives us free will.May he forgive me and have mercy on my questioning spirit this morning.But, please attempt to help me put my concerns to rest. IJNA.

  2. In this world each entity in human form descends with a determination to fulfill worldly aspirations like becoming a wealthy person, earn name and fame, seek salvation, etc. Even God incarnates with certain set objectives and for the fulfillment of these objectives he is directed circumstantially. Even an incarnated God in human body behaves as if He is a common man and few people are able to identify Him as such. Following is an example for your perusal:

    In an organization there is the owner and many workers. A few workers are so sincere that they are prepared to do any kind of work either in the interest of the organization or at the behest of the owner. Other workers work according to set rules and regulations and there is no sincerity. They won’t mind leaving the organization if their self-interest is not fulfilled or some better opportunity elsewhere is available. Naturally, the owner knows sincere persons. He protects and supports them, even overlooks their shortcomings.

    In my article Arjuna was a surrendered soul and it was the duty of Lord Krishna to protect him while Abhimanyu might have aspired after getting a certificate in bravery. He is still remembered for his bravery. Since the concept of rebirth is accepted in eastern religions, hence there is no problem to sacrifice one life for such an aspiration.

    Thus, God protects surrendered souls and lets others follow their aspirations. Fulfillment of aspirations, however, depends upon the record of earlier lives.

    I understand my reply may raise some more questions in your mind but if you go through some of my articles you may get satisfied to some extent. You are welcome to ask anything more.

    Thanks for your nice comment.

    SP Sharma