Sep 132006

Nobody is sure of keeping his mind cool during a crisis of interests, only a saint could do so. Moreover, it is difficult to become aware of one’s own faults, and remove them. A saintly advice is that we should increase our level of wisdom pondering over the real benefits of virtues and the misleading aspects of vices. Then one can decide what is beneficial in the long run, and adopt it.

Here in the world hatred appears in the guise of love, and vice versa. You avoid something and it remains with you in your mind. A parent after scolding his child disturbs his own mind and starts using persuasion out of love.

If one could manage cordial relations with one’s neighbours, one will definitely enjoy one’s life wherever one resides. In the case of an emergency, before any relative could arrive neighbours are at our elbow. But, it needs patience, tolerance, perseverance, truthfulness, sacrifice, and concern to have cordial relations.

One who happens to believe in God develops feelings of love for all. But this belief develops when one feels oneself as a common man regardless of status and other possessions. Such a one is wise enough to understand the reality of the vagaries of life.

Many saints have expressed their love of God as a side affair. In worldly affairs when we say: “I love you”, it means asking: “Do you love me as well?”. If not, then problems start in the form of avoidance, hatred, revenge, etcetera. A better proposition would be to say that I like you (not based on any characteristics) and shall remember you always.

In divine love if there is even a trace of selfishness, whatsoever, the devotee is not considered a perfect one. When Lord Krishna was a child, very popular and looking lovable, a lady fruit-seller used to visit His house with the sole intention of seeing and presenting fruits to Him. She would come and sit in the courtyard with her basket full of fruits. Seeing her, Krishna would dash out like an arrow. She cursed herself and even cried silently for not being able to attract Him. One day, Krishna himself came to her with hands full of grains to barter with fruits. Her heart melted forgetting all complaints and she felt blessed.

Lord Chaitanya in fervour of his love for God expressed: “My Lord, I shall not leave your feet even if you hit me with your leg and ask me to get away.”

Why does God behave this way? Naturally he tests the genuineness of our love towards Him. If there is any trace of worldly desires, one can’t attract God in one’s heart permanently. Many so-called devotees turned away when they found that God didn’t fulfill a particular desire or they lost some thing grossly. They not only turned away, but cursed Him too. It is only when such a person realizes later that whatever happened was for his own good that a strong relationship with God develops. On the other hand, all worldly achievements bring an attachment, develop fear in retaining, and cause repentance on losing.

Hence, God doesn’t test us, but He fosters the true spirit of love in our hearts.

SP Sharma, India


About me.
I was born on 8 December 1945 and had self-realisation on 20 August 1977 at the age of 32. Thereafter I automatically shifted to the devotion path and a sort of relationship developed with God. Starting as a servant to God, then friendliness with God and then started liking God in child form. There is nothing left except to enjoy divine love and feel its presence in the whole world.