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When it’s the middle of the night, and the wind is screaming through the rigging at 45 knots, and the boat is heeled thirty degrees, and the seas are running high against you, and water is breaking on deck…, and you’re all alone…, and there is white water and black death on the lee shore…, and everything is confusion, and noise, and icy fear that approaches absolute terror…and you feel that the possibility of death is no longer remote, but very real…, and very near…

Then, you had best know what you are doing.

Hope, will not take you off of that lee shore.

Not so very long ago everyone believed the world to be flat because it was obviously so. Then we changed our point of view and a whole new and unexpected universe appeared that had been there all of the time. Unimaginable scope and limitless wonder manifested where before had been only the familiar near horizon. All that was required was a change of perspective.

The truth is that every human being is a portal, a door and a window dividing the universe of matter from the universe of spirit. We stand at the very threshold of each. Before us is a window looking out upon matter and behind us is a door opening in to spirit. We have only to change our point of view and open the door within to discover a boundless infinitude that far exceeds and indeed encompasses the near horizon of matter. That door is called DALETH.

The wonder is that it has been there all of the time.

Jesus said, “The Pharisees and the scribes have taken the keys of knowledge (gnosis) and hidden them. They themselves have not entered, nor have they allowed entering those who wish to.
Nag Hammadi Gospel of Thomas

The link below is to a unique handbook for seeing the invisible. It concerns the door and window of the human potential known as enlightenment and the depths to which this philosophy is unsuspectingly embedded in our society. Safely hidden within many of the most popular and prestigious symbols in our western culture lies the secret key to that door of inner perception. It is a consistent esoteric message that has survived thousands of years of persecutions, purges, and suppressions while remaining continuously and obviously in plain view of the world populations. Some of the symbols are contemporary and some from the dark pages of history. Many of them predate all traditional faiths and are the very symbols with which history is recorded.

This ancient secret can have astoundingly significant implications for our western world view. Enlightenment is considered common in eastern cultures, but is generally believed to be foreign to western traditions. This book shows that definitely not to be the case. In fact, enlightenment is fundamental to our western cultures and has been since long before the flowering of Greece, the founding of the Roman Empire, the advent of Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Zen, and Islam. It is hidden in the very building blocks of our written languages and in many of the common cultural icons that we encounter every day. You will find these symbols even on your computer keyboard.

For more than 5000 years this profound secret has been carefully shielded and withheld from public dissemination in the belief that something holy and sophisticated could not be appreciated or comprehended by an uncultured audience. Jesus in Mathew 7:06 advised, “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet.” The Masonic motto is, “See all, hear all, and say nothing.” The classic admonition has always been,

He who knows does not say.
He who says does not know.

The objective of the book is to facilitate the absorption and acceptance of this carefully guarded secret into our mainstream awareness. Nobody to my knowledge has ever written about or publicly disclosed the meaning of the messages embedded within these common cultural icons. The revelations in this book do just that. The coded messages indicate that something far greater than the apparent is hidden deep within each of us. The message tells us that we are very much more than we believe ourselves to be.

As a compass points the accurate direction to home, popular awareness of these little known secrets could influence many sincere but misguided seekers chances for success. Results may not seem immediately apparent, but they can become substantial since the substantial is always hidden imperceptibly within the apparent. The results may begin smaller than a mustard seed, but can grow in time to a mighty tree of life.

Accurate insights regarding our spiritual reality may well be the impetus for our continued evolution as a species. It is important for us to realize that no intermediary is required for our salvation. Nobody can broker our soul. It is not necessary, desirable, or possible for anyone to implement the salvation of another. In fact, no salvation is necessary. This truth has long been proven self-evident and this book is an attempt to make that fact universally known and accepted. It draws upon the secret hidden testimony of symbols embedded in the very foundations of our culture by an unbroken chain of anonymous ancestors stretching to the dim portals of forgotten time.

Awareness of our ancient birthright was long ago hijacked by history, but now the dark ages of suppression are over. The safest repository for these valuable coded communications is no longer with a trusted few but with the eager multitudes to which they rightfully belong. The point in time has been reached where we of the western world can and must reclaim what was effectively and lovingly bequeathed to us by our forefathers.

Our rightful inheritance is the wonder-full affirmation of universal immortality, the truth of enlightenment. This book reveals a sublime message sealed in bottles that have floated unnoticed on the seas of time since the dawn of civilization.

The message speaks loudly and eloquently from the past on its own behalf.

We have only to listen.

The Book of DALETH is available free from: http://www.bookofdaleth.com/
Please take a couple of minutes to download the book.
You will be surprised at the content.
Pass it on to friends.

Dale Hunter

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