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The key to the full experience of Truth rests with the fact that, when pressed to admit it, everyone must acknowledge that they in fact cannot be absolutely certain that anything in their experience is true. There is simply no way that anyone can be certain that the entirety of their experience is anything other than an illusory dream. Experience might be so compelling that they might feel like they are ALMOST absolutely certain of it, but they can be compelled to admit that they cannot in fact be ABSOLUTELY certain of it.

On the other hand, another kind of knowing, quite distinct from the perception of experience, does in fact make possible absolute certainty. And that is the God-given ability of consciousness to discern the self-evident intelligibility of Principle; one can in fact be absolutely certain that a principle is absolutely true. For example, we are absolutely certain that 2+2=4. Never do we wonder if it might equal 3.99999999. Because 2+2=4 is a principle, knowledge of it is absolute and certain. One can never be made to doubt it. That is, as long as we know it to be a self-evident principle. If we merely believe someone who tells us 2+2=4, though that someone be totally trustworthy, but don’t see the principle’s self-evidence, that belief carries no certainty at all, and it would be very easy to make us doubt it.

Similarly, spiritual truth can be known with absolute certainty because a spiritual Truth is always a principle. But the spiritual principle must be known to be self-evident, not merely believed because a respected authority has asserted it, no matter how lofty, renowned, respected or illumined that authority may be.

Now here’s what happens. Because the sea of consciousness we live in is obsessed and mesmerized with almost universal beliefs in duality, limitation and separateness, those beliefs outpicture persistent and obstinant experiences of duality, limitation and separateness. If we think that our experiences are the evidence of the veracity of the beliefs that produce those experiences, we’ll be locked into a vicious circle where our erroneous experiences make us more convinced in the erroneous beliefs that give rise to the erroneous experiences that then make us even more convinced in the erroneous beliefs and so on and so on round and round.

But once we realize that we can only be absolutely certain of principle, never of experience, then even if we’re almost convinced of our experience, since that conviction isn’t absolute, when it confronts a contrary principle, our absolute certainty in that principle will eventually melt and dissolve our less-than absolute conviction in our experience. For example, the absolute certainty of the harmony and wholeness of God’s Allness will eventually melt and dissolve our less than absolute certainty that we have cancer, and when that happens, the cancer experience itself dissolves as well.

But like the kindergarten child who must play with his blocks until the self-evident certainty that 2+2=4 becomes evident, we must work with the principle that God is All there is until its self-evident certainty becomes evident. Because without that absolute certainty we’ll have nothing that can melt down and dissolve the Tsunami of experience born of a mass-consciousness soup of erroneous beliefs. Without absolute certainty, we’re doomed to drown in erroneous experience and then decide that the principle that God is All is an impotent and useless idea.

This need not be, because the self-evident intelligibility of Spiritual Principle is inherently available to our consciousness. It is available for us to be absolutely certain that Spiritual Truth is absolutely True. It is a God-given ability. And it is essential, not optional, for we are doomed to morbid confusion without it.
The inherent self-evident absolute certainty that God is All there is can be explained quite clearly and simply. But you must accept and engage your own God given ability to understand the explanation; because otherwise you will not understand it and be lost. To allow such a thing to happen is the worst of all atrocities. Especially since it is totally unnecessary.

All you need do is invest the time and attention necessary to follow the explanation until it’s inherent certainty is made obvious and fully evident. Stay with each step of the explanation until you’re absolutely certain that that step is absolutely True. It does take some focus and attention, but it is not hard.
Here’s the explanation: “Anything other than that which is, is not. And hence that which is, is all there is, because all else is not. And since that which is is all there is, it is therefore entire, total, complete, whole, one, harmonious, perfect, absolute, infinite and eternal (or, in other words, God). And since God is all there is, there cannot be anything at all that is less than, or other than, or opposed to God.”

Work with this principle until you’re absolutely certain that it’s absolutely True and you’ll be able to melt any experience that falls short of it. Your purpose is to see God everywhere, and experience God everywhere, and this is how you can do that with absolutely certain success.

Since God is All and God is Mind, there is never anything in your experience that is outside of your Mind, or that exists as anything other than ideas in that Mind. To the extent that this is realized, to that extent “reconfigurations” will take place smoothly, quickly, effortlessly, and naturally.

It’s good to practice “mentalization” where you realize that everything you see is occuring only as thought within your Mind. The more you practice that, the more fully and easily your certainty that God is All there is will manifest.
Another great practice is to remind yourself of the following as often as possible: “Because God is All there is, there’s absolutely nothing to be concerned about.” “Concern” is merely a soft word for fear, so this dissolves fear, which is the only culprit that contaminates peace, and the deeper your peace, the more evident will be God’s Presence in your experience.

Much Love,

Ben Gilberti

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  1. hi ben,it’s been a long time. glad to see you are still with the program. where are you located? my daughter,Marcie is very interested in what you are talking about.love nancy

  2. Hi Nancy. Great to hear from you, and to hear about Marci. Drop me a note at b7gilberti@yahoo.com so I can send you some things.

    Much Love,


  3. Hi Ben,,I just happened upon this sight. I was actually looking around the internet for spiritual communities based on Absolute Truth…and somehow ended up here. I wasn’t going to spend time on the sight but when I glanced at your article…I ended up reading it. It was great..thanks. Do you “study” the Absolute…are you familiar with Absolute authors and if so, who? well, just wanted to touch base with you. It’s so much fun and so helpful to come across others with like mind-heart. ciao for now. Deborah