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There are a lot of complaints about this world, and rightly so. Judging from experience it wouldn’t be unfair to call it hell.

Now, who’s to blame for this? Who dunnit?

Because the atrocities of this world clearly have sprouted from the insane mind of a vicious killer, God – Who is Love – is not a credible suspect, although He is still being blamed most often. For the same reason fate, destiny, or pure coincidence aren’t likely suspects either. When looked frankly in the face, however, it shows the signature of ego written all over it. Not a personal ego, of course, but the insane thought system of separation, which is ego in its universal form.

The thought system of ego is constantly splitting the mind into countless seemingly individual minds. Therefore it looks to us like no single mind is capable of producing worldwide disasters, let alone a whole world of chaos in itself. But the split is only an illusion within an illusion. Contrary to appearances there’s only one ego and one mind, and therefore every act of forgiveness in my humble daily life is undoing the effects of the ego thought system at this universal level, too. The projection by ego is the illusion I’m busting when I forgive the world for what it is not.

I have a choice, right now, between freely letting go of the world and everything that’s part of it – including my precious individuality, or keeping everything as it is.

My perception and the way I experience things will always show, right now, what I’ve chosen. It doesn’t matter how often I’ve chosen my individual existence apart from God. Forgiveness is the miracle to break the spell of eons of darkness.

Mind you, it’s either this or that. No compromise is possible, as that would only keep reality just as compromised as it already is.

Individuality is a package deal, which means there’s no individuality without a world of separation, division and inevitable conflict.

What’s so special about individuality anyway? Without individuality no personal pride, no self-esteem, no imaginary independence, but also no fear, no anger, no loneliness, despair, boredom… and better still: no guilt, no pain, no suffering.

That’s right: the guiltless cannot suffer! We’re talking about the mind, of course, seemingly split into different individual minds, and projected in the form of perishable bodies, but still a mind that’s simply mistaken about its true identity.

As soon as the idea of separation is taken seriously, wholeness and innocence are lost from awareness and guilt takes over. That’s why the projection of a world and the whole reincarnation cycle of bodies is running on guilt – not anyone’s individual guilt but the universal illusion of guilt expressed in the thought system of ego.

All of this never really happened, because separation from the only reality that’s God is an illusion. And so is everything that seems to be caused by it: individual consciousness, ego, guilt, world, incarnation, suffering, pain – all a dream. Even the mind as an active aspect of Spirit is an illusion.

There’s nothing but God.

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