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It would be insane to overlook reality as if it didn’t exist, wouldn’t it?. That’s why anything real doesn’t have to be forgiven. It would be equally insane not to overlook illusions. That’s why illusions are only there to be forgiven, all of them without exception.

Awakening starts with recognizing what’s real and what’s not, and it’s greatly furthered by forgiving any error of judgment in the process.

Reality is undivided totality – timeless, changeless, and formless. Therefore this world of form is completely delusional. There’s nobody here. Nothing ever happens. Neither solid matter nor invisible energy exist in reality. Even calling it emptiness would be giving this nothingness too much honor.

What we appear to experience here is nothing but a dream in the one and only mind. The dream experience itself and those who seem to be involved in it are pure illusion. My so-called enemies and me, my individual friends and relatives, my immortal beloved ones, simply do not exist. Even the mind that is dreaming all this, is still not ultimate reality. The mind that is the cause of this dream has the conscious choice between serving truth or illusion, and therefore is a form of dualism, which is itself an illusion. Consciousness, or the awareness of something else, is a division that in reality cannot exist. There’s nothing but undivided Truth, aka Spirit, aka God.

Now, understanding this is not enough to awaken from the dream, because the cause of the dream is still hidden from the awareness of the dreamer. And even when the cause is known, it still has to be made undone at every opportunity when the dream seems to become real, which is to say constantly. This undoing is necessarily still part of the illusion of not being One with God, but it’s the way home.

When I feel pain, my first impulse is to think that this is happening to my body, and I want to do something about it at the level of form. This is like thinking that in a western movie the bodies depicted on the projection screen feel pain when they are being gunned down. However, nothing in a projection feels anything. Images have no consciousness whatsoever. Awareness belongs to the mind, which is beyond time and space. My body is just an image and all feeling is experienced in the mind.

So, the way to end suffering is to undo the cause of it in the mind. The first step is to take responsibility for what I’m experiencing in the mind as a result of my own projection. This doesn’t come naturally because the level of experience is usually unaware of the level of projection. Projection is a defense mechanism against the truth and in order not to be exposed as a fraud has to be unconscious. That’s why as a dreamer I need help from one who is awake.

A part of the mind is still fully aware of reality. This is not God, because it’s a form of awareness, and therefore dualistic in nature. Nevertheless it’s from here that the truth can be communicated to the dreamer, who is seemingly at another level of the mind. For that matter only illusions can be divided into levels, the truth cannot.

The form of this communication of truth has to be adapted to what the dreamer can accept and understand. It may be in the form of an idea, a dream, a word spoken by someone else, a book that I happen to find, or any other inconspicuous form of inspiration. I may not even be aware of being inspired. One of the forms in which it has come to me are the books mentioned below.

Sometimes it comes to people more conspicuously in the form of a voice, a channeled message, and very seldom in the form of a physical apparition. The form in which it appears usually is projected by the part of the mind that’s still delusional, and only rarely by the part that’s awake. The form doesn’t really matter, because it’s an illusion anyway. It’s the content which determines whether it’s true or not, a message of Love or fear. When the content is mixed it’s definitely false, a message of fear, because Love is always total and undivided in its expression.

Because of these communications we can have an understanding of how it works at the unconscious level of the mind. The reason that anything is being projected is that it’s not a welcome thought, far from it. Its existence in the mind has to be denied by projecting it as something that exists outside. That way the mind seems to have gotten rid of it, at the expense of losing contact with reality and turning insane.

Why would the mind do that? Imagine perfectly undivided Oneness, the reality of God that’s pure happiness forever, and then suddenly a part of the mind prefers to split itself off, as if that were possible. Of course, the first thing to realize is that it never really happened. It simply cannot be. Nevertheless, there seems to have been an infinitesimal tiny thought of separation from God, that was not immediately laughed away. It was over before it even started, but that was enough to cause an immense fear of having sinned against the Almighty. The resulting feeling of guilt was so threatening that it had to be denied instantly and projected outside. This caused my forgetfulness of God’s safe reality and the need to take refuge elsewhere. The only refuge this thought of separation saw for me was a false universe of form where God would not be able to find me, because in reality nothingness doesn’t exist, even though it means the world to me.

So, here at last I think I am, hiding from God in nothingness. It’s clear that God still knows me as He has always known me, but in this dream I seem to have found a body to hide myself from what I am. Other bodies and uncontrollable forces outside me now seem to threaten my existence and to be the cause of all my suffering. The effect of my own unconscious projection is now seen as the cause of everything happening to me. Welcome to the nightmare of upside down reality in life as a body.

After having taken responsibility now the second step in the process of awakening is forgiveness. I need to forgive myself for having made this projection of unconscious guilt through which I now blame other bodies for what they clearly cannot have done.

The third step is to trust my communication link with God, to take care of undoing the unconscious guilt by replacing the thought system of separation with the thought system of the Wholly One, aka Christ, Higher Self, or Holy Spirit. This is something that as a dreamer I cannot do myself, but I’m needed to make it happen, and it’s going to speed up the process of awakening by light years. Without replacing the thought system of ego that I use at an unconscious level to brainwash myself, it would take so much longer.

A fearful mind cannot awaken to reality, because it’s clinging to the illusion of separation. Only a mind at peace can be reunited with the peace of God. Therefore all unconscious guilt must be dispelled from the mind through forgiving the world for what it is not, in order to make peace everlasting. That’s why the practice of forgiveness is so effective in helping the dreamer awaken from the dream.

Forgiveness is done at the level of the mind, not at the level of form. The illusion of form is only there to be forgiven, not to be taken seriously at all. That’s why healing is of the mind, and anything that seems to happen to the body is just a dream that can have no effect whatsoever on reality.

The illusion does not exist at the level where it seems to be experienced, just like the events in a movie do not happen on the projection screen. The illusion only exists in the mind that is projecting it, just like the movie only happens in the mind of the one who is involved in watching it.

The reason why there’s no gain or glory in trying to ‘improve’ the dream, is that it’s a setup right from the start. My so-called ‘life’ in this world, including all its reincarnations, is nothing but a movie that strictly follows the script that I’ve chosen when I decided to take refuge in the ego thought system. Everything that seems to happen here, whether seemingly by my own will or out of the blue, is a matter of self-predetermination at the unconscious level of projection by the ego, of which there’s only one, but seemingly split into many.

Because the mind is beyond time and space, the ego projection of this world is timeless, too. The illusions of past, present and future are all included in the same timeless moment – which is just one big hologram that contains everything that ever happened, and is ever going to happen in the dream. Everything at the level of form is here all at once, and can therefore be influenced right now.

Now is when the Big Bang seems to happen; now is when I seem to be being born; now is when I seem to be reading this; and now is when the world seems to have come to its end.

Yet, this ‘now’ is still not reality, because in reality the separation and all that seemed to result from it never happened, remember? Now is only the point of application for the awakening process. The original mad idea of separation can be made undone only now, because for the timeless mind there’s no other moment, and every idea, which means every opportunity to forgive, is present only now.

At the illusory level of form very often nothing appears to change when forgiveness is being applied at the mind level, but the only thing that’s important in awakening from the dream is not what but how I experience everything through forgiveness. In case of pain it may simply start with not feeling depressed and victimized by it anymore, by not feeling a need to blame anything or anyone for it, perhaps followed by an ability to relax and find a sense of peace, regardless. It simply doesn’t matter anymore what it looks like, when truth is found within. When the unconscious guilt is completely undone it’s not possible to feel pain anymore.

  • A Course in Miracles (ISBN 0-9606388-8-1). More information about this wonderful book for self-study can be found at the website: http://www.acim.org/
  • Gary Renard’s The Disappearance of the Universe : Straight Talk About Illusions, Past Lives, Religion, Sex, Politics, and the Miracles of Forgiveness.
  • Gary Renard’s Your Immortal Reality : How to Break the Cycle of Birth and Death.
  • The books by Gary Renard are a great help in understanding the teaching of A Course in Miracles.
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