Apr 072007

This article is shared by Marsha Jordan

After some friends lost their home in a tornado, I helped them clean
up what was left. There wasn’t much. Where their house had once stood
was a refrigerator. That’s all. Destruction was everywhere. Debris
covered the yard and the nearby woods. All day we sorted through the
rubble, hoping to find intact some piece of our friends’ lives. We
could rescue only a few belongings. We uncovered some important
papers, a few small personal items, and a handful of photos – not
very much to represent an entire lifetime. I’m sure the family
treasures these mementos because they’re all that remains from their
pre-tornado life.

Like the devastating winds of a tornado, I’ve felt trouble beat
against my life. I watched my mom die a slow death with a lung
disease. I watched my grandson suffer with third degree burns. I
went blind for a time, due to a connective tissue disease, and I’ve
battled depression for most of my life. Just last week, my son was
diagnosed with cancer. Like you, I’ve experienced the winds of pain.

Hardships blow into every life, threatening to knock down all that
we value. In the wreckage, we can usually find some valuable
treasures, if our eyes are open to recognize them and our hearts are
open to receive them.

As long as we’re in this world, we will have tribulation. (John
16:33) But this Bible verse also says, “In me you may have peace.”
How can we have peace amid tribulation? Peace doesn’t result from the
removal of unpleasant circumstances. It comes from releasing our own
plans and being open to God’s plan. Rest comes from fixing our eyes
on Him instead of on circumstances. It comes from giving up on living
for myself and living for Him instead.

From God’s vantage point, there is no true debris. I’m confident that
He is in the midst of any storm, and I try to keep my eyes open to
see the gift He gives with the rubble. He has promised that, for
those who love Him, He’ll bring blessings out of storms. I’m praying
that he’ll do that in YOUR life!

Marsha Jordan

Marsha Jordan created The HUGS and HOPE Foundation for Critically Ill Children. Her humorous, inspirational book, ‘Hugs, Hope, and Peanut Butter’ is illustrated by sick kids; and profits from the book’ sale benefit children around the country. You may learn more about Jordan, her book, and the charity she founded by visiting her web site at www.hugsandhope.org/mj.htm
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