Aug 242007

Today is meant to be my special day.

First thing this morning my older brother rang to wish me Happy Birthday. I haven’t spoken to him in a couple of months. He said he would be coming round later with a card and gift. My mother came in to wish me Happy Birthday and I received a card and gift from her. Another friend called and sang Happy Birthday and wished me a lovely day.

I’ve also received several birthday greetings via emails too, which were lovely.

EJ: I’m not knocking all this attention I’m receiving today. In fact, I love it! Why is it I can have all this attention on this one day and not on others?

Vector8: Because the “law of people” states that we are all meant to be pampered on this one day and not on others.

EJ: That’s a stupid law. What’s stopping me from getting pampered every single day?

V8: You mean you want to be cherished on other days that are not your birthday?

EJ: Yeah.

V8: Oh, you mean Christmas Day, don’t you?

EJ: No, I don’t mean Christmas Day. Besides, not all of us celebrate Christmas.

V8: There’s always Valentine’s Day when people celebrate love.

EJ: Why should I have to wait till then to be loved?

V8: When then? You can’t possibly expect to be cherished on other days when they are not special!

EJ: Says who? Every day I am here is special to me. Every day is my day. The only one stopping me from being pampered and cherished every single day is me.

V8: In that case, if every day is special and you expect to be pampered then that’s exactly what you will receive.

EJ: Too right!

Today is my special day, and it’s a day I allow myself to be pampered and cherished; as was yesterday, tomorrow, the next day, and the next…ad infinitum.


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