Aug 202007

If you were traveling down a dusty road, becoming tired, hungry, thirsty, wouldn’t you push yourself to make it another mile if you knew refreshment was waiting?

That’s what it takes to find happiness in this world – the extra push to stay on the lifestyle path that brings harmony and feelings of happiness. Going the extra mile for happiness is a step-by-step journey composed of one action after another of being kind at every opportunity. It is making the choice at each bend in the road, at every new situation, to be kind rather than selfish.

Going the extra mile for happiness is really not a struggle at all and doesn’t wear one out when the light attitudes of charity and kindness are kept in sight. The reason is that our bodies and minds are lightened, enlightened by an internal upwelling of energy when we keep caring attitudes highest in our priorities.

We can do a little experiment to prove that we are charged and recharged with energy even when we are tired, by deciding to do something that brings happiness to mind. And what brings on happiness? Satisfaction with ourselves for doing what is right and good and uplifting in life.

How often have we given up the last piece of candy in the box to enjoy seeing another take and enjoy it? Hey, in a way it is selfish to be kind, because you are ensuring your own peace of mind and harmony. But it is the kind of selfishness that is perfectly okay, because it is a deep and lasting sense of peace rather than a temporary high from enjoying a sensation that is fleeting.

Going the extra mile for happiness ensures that your high ideals reap deep and lasting benefits, by transforming your awareness from being self-centered to feeling part of the vast web of connection we live in just beyond the visible world.

And when we really become aware that we are interconnected with all and everything in creation we see we can be anywhere in the instant by centering our attention at our goal moment to moment. Then there is no more struggle, thinking you need to get something or get somewhere to find happiness. You complete the journey of going the extra mile moment to moment to moment.

Going the extra mile for happiness
A journey taken with ease
In the moment
Through attitudes and actions
Of kindness and care.

Article by Susan Kramer
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