Aug 252007

As I was browsing on the Internet, alternating between watching music videos and reading on a forum, I felt something ticklish on my forehead. I reached out to touch it but it was too fast. It crawled round my neck. I grabbed whatever it was, and flung it on the table. I discovered it was a little insect, a gnat. It was curled up and appeared lifeless.

“Ooops, sorry! How was I to know it was you?” I thought. “Could you at least move so I know you’re OK?”

Nothing happened. I sent it love and went back to reading. After a few minutes I looked across at the gnat and I could see signs of life flickering away.

“Good, good! Move around, let me see you move!”

The gnat stayed still. I continued reading while keeping an eye on my friend. After a while the gnat started walking though it wasn’t exactly in a straight line.

“You’re walking! Excellent! How about you walk across the table? I need to see you’re OK.”

The gnat staggered towards the keyboard and crawled underneath it.

“What are you doing under there? I don’t want you getting squashed again!”

I lifted the keyboard to check if it was OK and it was still moving. I moved the keyboard away from it but the gnat walked back towards the keyboard.

“If you want to hide underneath the keyboard, that’s fine with me. As long as you’re OK.”

I focused on the piece I was reading. Then I saw the gnat crawling from underneath the keyboard and walking away. It looked a lot stronger. Even its wings looked almost back to normal.

“I’m so happy you’re feeling alright, mate! Look after yourself and stay out of trouble!”

I watched my little friend until it walked to the edge of the table and disappeared.

It’s wonderful to see that Love never dies.


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