Sep 242007

If you can dream – and not make dreams your master;
If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same If, Rudyard Kipling

It’s amazing what one thought can lead to.

On a bus journey, the area I was in reminded me of a beloved friend and I missed him. I wondered what he was up to at that moment. The more I thought of him the more I missed him and I started feeling down. Then all I was feeling was the fact that he wasn’t with me. I started feeling lonely. Loneliness transformed into a feeling of not wanting to be here anymore. Maybe, it’s time for me to exit this reality. Blimey! What’s wrong with me? Now I’m feeling suicidal. The interesting thing is while I was feeling all these emotions, I was very much aware of a part of me that was untouched by it all; I was observing it like one would a play without getting sucked into the characters’ moods.

After I’d had enough of feeling sorry for myself, I asked to be lifted out of the drama.

When I got off the bus I walked past a newsagent at the station and noticed a newspaper headlines about a pop singer who had attempted suicide. Whether the story is true or not, I cannot tell. All I know was there must have been thousands, millions even, of people reading about that pop star and projecting their thoughts into the ether; and I was picking up on those thoughts and making them my own. No wonder I felt suicidal.

That’s the problem with wallowing: one sad thought attracts like-thoughts and these like-thoughts attract other like-thoughts and before you know it you’re acting out these thoughts. It raises the question: when people commit heinous crimes are they simply acting out these impersonal thoughts?

Anyway, I decided to focus on love by sending love to the pop star. Now that my thoughts were on love, I could feel my thoughts attracting similar thoughts of love and it snowballed from there. While I was feeling euphoric, I was very much aware of a part of myself that was untouched by my happiness.

I find the easiest way to avoid picking up undesirable thought forms is to stay in silence. This way I am simply being the Observer who isn’t bothered either way.

Peace always.


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