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This world is totally designed to keep us away from the peace of God, the state of mind that we are still enjoying in reality. So, in this dream of a worldly existence we’re meant to be upset most of the time. Even when there’s a semblance of real joy for a moment, it’s only thrown in by the ego to make us stick with the program. The ego is using our own mind against us, and completely depends on our unconscious adherence to its thought system of separation.

The mind that for a tiny moment ponders the mad idea that it might be possible to exist apart from God, takes its own idea far too seriously, thereby inhibiting itself from experiencing the eternal peace of God. Absence of peace means fear, just as darkness means absence of light. Reality is total. If it’s not accepted as a whole, it’s not accepted at all. That’s why the duality that comes with the first thought of separation instantly replaces the mind state of Heaven by the mind state of hell, which is ego.

Within the logic of its own madness the thought of being apart means doing away with God altogether, which can only be seen as a murderous attack on God, resulting in terrible feelings of guilt and fear of divine punishment. To escape from this tremendous fear of God, the ego mind, still being immensely powerful, instantly projects within its own consciousness a whole world of separation, endlessly further fragmented into ever more complex thoughts of energy and matter, to have us ending up in a projected body, in which we can effectively hide from the awareness of undivided Oneness, which is Heaven.

For this guilt trip it’s totally irrelevant whether I’m a religious person or not, because guilt originates in the one mind that comes up with the first idea of separation from God. Running away from reality is always fearful, whether we call the only reality ‘God’ or not. As a person living in this world I may not believe in God at all, but by identifying myself with a person I make myself into an unconscious appearance projected by a guilty mind. There’s no free will for what is produced by a thought system.

Projection is a mechanism used to get rid of some terrible thing in our mind by making it seem to exist outside of it. That only works when consciousness disconnects itself from what’s going on in the mind, so the projection is unconscious. This dissociation makes perfect circular reasoning possible. Since we now see our own unconscious fear embodied in myriad forms outside, they must be the cause of our fear.

Although the ego is my built-in terrorist, projection ensures that I will always blame others for what this merciless thought system is doing to me. I may think I have enemies, but I only see projections from the ego’s killer mind. I may think there’s evil, but I’m only being unaware of how the mind works. That’s why Jesus could say: “Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

We’re caught up in a crazy mind game of the ego, suffering from a chaotic world and a limited body constantly projected by the ego mind. Everything physical, including pain, is part of that projection, and therefore all of this is still in the mind that faithfully follows the script of the separation program. We make mistakes, fall ill, get into trouble, have disasters happening to us, and are accident prone just to prove to God that we are innocent and powerless – born losers, not even worth a second look from the Almighty. All this self-induced terror in our projected world is only meant to avoid more punishment from our also projected ‘god of wrath’.

The ego depends on our power of mind to survive. Like any other thought system it cannot exist without a mind that believes in it. When the mind as a whole has awakened, the ego will be gone forever. In fact, in reality the ego never existed and separation from God never happened. That mad idea was over before it could even start, and yet our aeons of suffering in this world all take place in that infinitesimal moment of non-existence. Only a mind can do such a thing to itself.

For our liberation it’s crucial to recognize that we’re living out our days in nothing but a thought system. A mind can always change its adherence to whatever thought system it may have gotten involved in. The willingness to let go of an ancient belief, changes our perception and experience of whatever seems to be projected. The projection never leaves the mind, but the movie of existence is so captivating and convincing that we easily fall for the belief it’s all happening outside, beyond our power.

No matter what the ego program is dishing up now, I have the freedom to remember God and not take this self-damned world seriously anymore. That doesn’t immediately change the program, because that is our collective undertaking, but it does change the way I experience everything. When we speak of the ‘peace that passes understanding’ it’s because the world cannot explain a peace that is totally independent of what seems to be happening right now. It may feel like sudden grace and a great reason to be grateful, although it’s our natural birthright, not dependent on any effort or special merit.

The world only shows me what I’ve chosen to believe. It cannot do anything else. It has no will of its own. That constant feedback is a great help in becoming aware of the thought system I’ve embraced. Feeling despondent or otherwise emotionally out of whack is a sure sign that I’ve been betting on the wrong horse in terms of happiness. The ego being a denial of peace has absolutely no idea of what it is quite simply to be happy for no explainable reason at all. How could there be an explanation for what really can never be anything else? Happiness like everything else in reality is totally unconditional, and therefore independent of this world.

Given that all power is of the mind, it shouldn’t be a surprise that a change of mind can change so much. It’s not that mind and body are one, it’s just that the mind hooked up to separation and the body are one and the same case of mistaken identity, and therefore part of the same experience of suffering, which is only a moment of choice away from the experience of peace and happiness. All through the ages there have been people experiencing unexplainable peace even in the direst of circumstances: war, concentration camps, torture, and terminal illness.

Although suffering was definitely meant as a package deal that comes with every seeming incarnation, we do have the freedom not to buy into it, and we can choose that freedom every moment again. Even when it seems we’re totally submerged in the dream, we still have the power to decide how we choose to see the world and everything that seems to happen in it. Only we – not God Who is totally unaware of our non-existing dream – can make that choice.

No need to despair and feel abandoned now, because, although we have been teaching ourselves always to the contrary, we still share the power of God. It has never been otherwise, except for our awareness and acceptance of it. We choose whether we want to identify with a perishable body or with the eternal mind. That choice changes our vision from one devoted to attack, guilt, and fear into one devoted only to forgiveness, which results in quiet peace and happiness.

The choice itself is not difficult, but there’s often great ego resistance against becoming aware of a vision that is not really self-limiting. The resistance is part and parcel of the learning process, and nothing to worry about. We are here just to do exactly that: having difficulty unlearning an illusory thought system, and gradually becoming better at it. We can learn to face the unloving thought pointblank, and without much further ado decide we don’t want it, let go of it, and surrender our mind to the vision of Christ, which always results in a forgiven world. We’re here just to do a very practical job, magnificent in its humbleness and simplicity, one step at a time, that will eventually undo the whole universe.

It seems we have served the purpose of separation already for aeons of incarnations, alternately playing all the roles of good and bad relationships. Sometimes I may have been the victimizer and another the victim, only to swap roles in another life, and so it went on, life after life, with all of us constantly wandering about in the fearful but self-chosen darkness of unawareness.

Although we appear having become the victims of our self-made consciousness, we are still the ones that from moment to moment choose what to believe. That is the identity we have to remember if we want to exercise our free will and break the magic spell.

Magic always wants to change reality, which is a totally meaningless effort because there is nothing else into which it could be changed. Only appearances can change, but being without substance they cannot affect the cause of anything, let alone undo our suffering. Magic is the way of ego, presenting the mistaken idea of not being whole as our reality. The spell is broken as soon as I am willing to drop my belief in separation and accept my indestructible wholeness. My willingness is absolutely needed and it’s the only thing that could be lacking at any moment.

The mind that has been trained to seriously live by the ego’s thought system, can be trained to remember God and think along the lines of forgiveness. Forgiveness is the remedial thought system offered by Jesus through the book A Course in Miracles.

The most expedient remedy against improper seriousness is forgiveness, which can be applied in two different approaches that support and complement each other.

  • First, I take five minutes every morning for some quiet time with God. It could start with thanking God that I exist, that I can still have faith in His Reality, that I still can let go of everything I deem important or threatening. Next, I’m just being still and let everything be without interference or judgment. Now my Higher Self can take over my restless mind for a moment, granting me an experience of peace.
  • Second, during the day I try to remember overlooking everything that seems to be a reason for becoming upset, angry, fearful, or guilty, because I recognize it’s only my mind working out the idea of separation in a dream. Thereby I forgive the other and myself for what never really happened, being grateful that Spirit, whole and innocent, is our only reality. There is nothing else.

If we were perfect appearances we wouldn’t be here in the first place. All of this is originally meant to be a projection of imperfection, and we have the full power not to take that seriously. ‘Today I will not forget to laugh’, is a simple vow to make. I’ve made it my morning prayer of forgiveness, no matter what will seem to be happening.

  • A Course in Miracles (ISBN 0-9606388-8-1). More information about this wonderful book for self-study can be found at the website:
  • Gary Renard’s The Disappearance of the Universe : Straight Talk About Illusions, Past Lives, Religion, Sex, Politics, and the Miracles of Forgiveness.
  • Gary Renard’s Your Immortal Reality : How to Break the Cycle of Birth and Death.
  • Kenneth Wapnick, A Vast Illusion: Time According to A Course in Miracles
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