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This article is shared by Debbie Edwards

I never would have thought that the end of the summer in 1986 would have been such a big year for change for my family and I. I had just finished my whole elementary education in Catholic school and was ready to finally enter into the public school forum.

It was one week before my scheduled date of starting the sixth grade in Alma Michigan and I was excited to get started. I had already begun making new friends from my new school and everything was looking up. I had spent much of my growing up on the move and it was nice to settle in with new friends on board.

My grandfather had been in and out of the hospital that summer with heart problems and looking back on it now, I see that the reason we went to visit my grandparents that week was less for a vacation and more of a precaution, just in case it were the last time I would see him alive.

It was a hot late summer afternoon when we arrived almost four hours north of our home to Oscoda, a small little town on the northeastern shore of Michigan. I was excited to jump in the big lake and spend time with my grandparents that I saw usually twice a year during the summer and Christmas season.

I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary and paid no attention to the whispering conversations happening in the other room. Everything went on as it always had. We had bonfires, great meals with veggies from the garden, and trips into town to go shopping. Everything seemed normal until the day before we were supposed to leave.

My grandfather wasn’t feeling well, so my mom, grandmother, and I took a trip into town to give him some peace and quiet. I’ll never forget the silence when we came home around seven that night. The cat was quiet, hiding under the bed. And the fading sunlight over the water made the room glow as it crept in through the living room sliding glass doors, but it came without a sound.

My mother and I put away some groceries and I could hear from the creeking of the wooden floorboards that my grandmother was headed for my grandfathers room.

A soft voice called out to my mother. At first she didn’t hear my grandmother. So again, she called out and this time, she said that my grandfather was dead.

I’ll never forget what I saw or the details that followed, and for the respect of his privacy, I won’t share it publicly. But I will say it changed everything. His death was the first real death I experienced with a person. Sure, I had lost many animals and had seen death in that way. But to see him there, lifeless, was a strange thing for me. I didn’t know how to digest it and the oddest part was seeing all of these strangers in my grandparents home, rearranging our lives.

A conversation followed and I was told that I couldn’t go back home. I would have to stay there and go to school there. My mother agreed that the best for everyone was for us to move in with my grandmother to help her care for her home and property. It was the right thing to do.

“I’m going to have to go back to Alma alone and get all of our things okay? So you’ll stay here and I’ll be back soon, in a couple weeks,” my mother said to me after the funeral service.

I’d have to certainly say that divine intervention took place and orchestrated everything that happened to us that month. I cannot explain it any other way and my grandfather and God’s timing delivered us to safety when it was needed most.

I’ll never forget the phone call from my mother after she had gone back to Alma, telling me that the backyard river had broken it’s banks. A huge flood came and swept away the whole town! The damage was incredible and if we hadn’t been living on the second floor of our apartment building, we would have lost everything in that flood, just like all our neigbors had. Nearly every business was under water. Homes, cars, everything; it was all lost in the flood. The only way we got our belongings out of our apartment was through the assistance of strangers, escorting my mother through the streets of water in an aluminum boat. And even then, all that we owned except our clothes and few personal belongings had to be abandoned. The boat could only carry so much.

A blessing came, knowing we wouldn’t have to start over entirely. It was a new beginning in a special way. We transitioned as a new family unit and it was hardly noticeable that anything material had become lost. My grandfathers death changed everything and although it grieved me he had died, I am grateful he waited to go until he could see me and spend time with me one last time. It was as if God had said, okay, it’s time to come home, your family will need you, come home so they can come home too.

International Medium Debbie Edwards is one of Michigan’s own; raised on the beautiful Northeastern shores of Lake Huron in a small little get-away town, she returns to Michigan for an exclusive tour participating in events for Psychic Readings, After Death Communication, Workshops and Lectures. Debbie is a fourth generation channeler from both sides of her family and for years on and off she’s taught classes and workshops for Mediumship (After Death Communication), Psychic Development, and forms of Meditation. She’s also conducted private and group sessions for After Death Communication, Palmistry, Tarot, Psychic Readings, Animal Messenger Readings, Remote viewing of both residential and commercial properties to assess spirit activity/hauntings, Dream Interpretations and more.

In the Media she has built a career in radio, starting as a guest on dozens of well known programs that are both internet podcast and syndicate productions including The Maria Shaw Show and The Paranormal Gallery with Joe Lawson on the Empower Radio Network, Visible by Numbers on BBS Radio with Alison Baughman, Super Psychic Radio of Achieve Radio Network and many others. Debbie is also the creator and exclusive radio host of her own internet podcast production on the well recognized Blog Talk Radio Network called Meta Visionaries Global Live Radio that can be accessed at www.blogtalkradio.com/DebbieEdwards.

Debbie has also built a career as an author, publishing dozens of articles in many online and print magazines such as Spirit Connections of the Mount Hood region and has been a featured monthly columnist for the Ascension Network with her column, Beyond the Veil. She is also the author of a non-fiction book titled Voices Speak- A Beginner’s Guide to Spirit Communication, and is currently writing her second book titled The Homo Luminous Child- A New Generation of Seers.

Debbie is also focusing on spreading awareness, education and information to those seeking further answers of mind/body/spirit related topics and has created/founded Meta Visionaries Social Network which is a network with a consciousness, focused on ascension and transcendence at www.meta-visionaries.com. It is an interactive network in which people can join as members and connect with one another through blogs, forums, message boards, profiles, services and much more. She is also the co-founder/creator of a second Social Network called Mysteries of the Multiverse at www.mysteriesmultiverse.ning.com which focuses on Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Energy Anatomy, UFO’s, Crop Circles, and many other aspects of the unknown.

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