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Have you ever received a really negative or frightening reading by a spiritual advisor? I’ve encountered several people within the last few days who have shared their personal experiences in which they were given really negative, doom and gloom, scenario’s of their future to come. I knew this happened. After all, I am a reader myself. But I didn’t realize how many readers are gaining momentum by using this format on instilling fear rather than love, as a tool to give spiritual advice.

What I see is this. Many readers who use this tactic by advising death is coming, death is certain, everyone they love is going to die around them, is an abusive measure to ensure their client takes them seriously. They feel they are doing the client a favor by being blunt about the truth. This is an irresponsible form of reading for someone because in all reality, the future is pliable. The future, no matter how certain it appears to be, is not set in stone because we have free will to make choices. It is our opportunity to choose our destiny that gives us the gift of avoiding and changing harmful or negative situations from happening. Now, many things that are forecast do happen exactly as it is seen. But when information about the future comes up that is highlighted, that needs immediate attention in order to change it or avoid it, it gives us time to correct it so that it doesn’t happen.

A reading lasts a lifetime, even if the events that are forecast happen right away, the impression is life lasting and it’s essential for readers to focus on the positive, rather than the negative, otherwise, the reading becomes contaminated by fear.

There are only two forces; love or fear. If a reader focuses on fear, then the information is disingenuous, slighted by the ego of the reader to make an impact. Readings should only and always come from a place of love, not fear, so truth is the only thing that becomes visible to the reader and the client.

In my history of offering spiritual advice, I have encountered many clients who have never had a reading, but are taking the leap of faith to trust someone such as myself to read for them. Opening the door and letting someone in to see private parts of their life is a gift, not an entitlement. Just because someone can read for others and see into their lives, does not give them the permission to be invasive. The intention is to help someone grow and expand their awareness to the events surrounding their lives, to resolve past conflicts and hurts, and to give them hope and excitement about the future. Let’s face it, we all suffer in our lives. We all encounter negativity and endure pain throughout our lives. It is part of our life lessons. But it should never be part of a spiritual reading. The whole point of giving and receiving readings is to encourage and enlighten and offer good choices that will benefit others for the future that is coming.

It is a violation of trust to forecast death and punishment and for people who have received this form of advice, I strongly suggest to release yourself of that fear of events that have not yet come to pass, and move through it, embracing light rather than darkness.

For me, God does not allow me to see the death of others that has yet to come. Only very slightly, on unique occasions have I ever been given the insight to something such as this and that was something pertaining to a loved one close to me in regards to a death I could not avoid. It was information given to me to prepare me for what was coming that would affect me personally. But, during actual readings and sessions, it is not productive for the client. It does not promote healing, only fear.

Think of it this way. If a cancer patient seeks professional counsel with a physician, and that physician says to the patient they only have six months to live, how often is that advice accurate, regardless of the persons intention to stay alive longer? Most often, because the patient BELIEVES the physician through their trust of the physician, they will EXPECT this to happen when it is predicted to happen, so it becomes true. Our intention and expectation is a powerful energy. And if we receive advice from a source we trust, we are likely to hold onto that advice as truth.

It is a high level of responsibility that any advisor or counselor holds and it is essential to uphold professional conduct.

If you or someone you know has received this type of counsel from any spiritual advisor, don’t let it frighten you or sway you from seeking someone who is professional and genuine in giving positive encouraging advice. God and the other side have much to show us about our lives, our life lessons, and our future. It would be a shame to see this type of experience hamper the spiritual growth of someone. So I invite you explore your options and don’t let it get you down. There are many wonderful, reputable psychics, mediums, and spiritual counselors that have a wonderful gift who can make a lasting impression of love and hope. After all, nothing is impossible. Nothing is set in stone. We have free will to make our choices and own future what we want it to be.

International Medium Debbie Edwards is one of Michigan’s own; raised on the beautiful Northeastern shores of Lake Huron in a small little get-away town, she returns to Michigan for an exclusive tour participating in events for Psychic Readings, After Death Communication, Workshops and Lectures. Debbie is a fourth generation channeler from both sides of her family and for years on and off she’s taught classes and workshops for Mediumship (After Death Communication), Psychic Development, and forms of Meditation. She’s also conducted private and group sessions for After Death Communication, Palmistry, Tarot, Psychic Readings, Animal Messenger Readings, Remote viewing of both residential and commercial properties to assess spirit activity/hauntings, Dream Interpretations and more.

In the Media she has built a career in radio, starting as a guest on dozens of well known programs that are both internet podcast and syndicate productions including The Maria Shaw Show and The Paranormal Gallery with Joe Lawson on the Empower Radio Network, Visible by Numbers on BBS Radio with Alison Baughman, Super Psychic Radio of Achieve Radio Network and many others. Debbie is also the creator and exclusive radio host of her own internet podcast production on the well recognized Blog Talk Radio Network called Meta Visionaries Global Live Radio that can be accessed at www.blogtalkradio.com/DebbieEdwards.

Debbie has also built a career as an author, publishing dozens of articles in many online and print magazines such as Spirit Connections of the Mount Hood region and has been a featured monthly columnist for the Ascension Network with her column, Beyond the Veil. She is also the author of a non-fiction book titled Voices Speak- A Beginner’s Guide to Spirit Communication, and is currently writing her second book titled The Homo Luminous Child- A New Generation of Seers.

Debbie is also focusing on spreading awareness, education and information to those seeking further answers of mind/body/spirit related topics and has created/founded Meta Visionaries Social Network which is a network with a consciousness, focused on ascension and transcendence at www.meta-visionaries.com. It is an interactive network in which people can join as members and connect with one another through blogs, forums, message boards, profiles, services and much more. She is also the co-founder/creator of a second Social Network called Mysteries of the Multiverse at www.mysteriesmultiverse.ning.com which focuses on Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Energy Anatomy, UFO’s, Crop Circles, and many other aspects of the unknown.

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