Aug 182008

Infinite Love has always been and will always be. This Love is my real self and true nature. To activate love all I need to do is live with the awareness that Love is all and in all. Another way Love’s presence can be activated is having an object of affection.

When I got on the bus I noticed a young couple with two dogs. I sat behind them. After a while two women and a girl got on board and they sat next to the young man. The girl asked about the dogs. The man said he and his friend were dog-sitting. The dog next to the man was a Rottweiler puppy (4 months old) but the dog was already quite big. Her name was Lady. I found it rather amusing to meet a dog called Lady because in my email exchanges to a dear friend, just for a laugh I address her as “Lady.” The girl and one woman stroked Lady and she loved the attention. The other dog, an adult toy Poodle, also wanted some attention. So he trotted over and the woman and the girl petted her. Other passengers sitting close by were grinning at the dogs who couldn’t get enough of the love being poured on them. We all chatted like old friends.

Suddenly at the corner of my eyes I noticed a wasp buzzing around. It came close to me. I thought to myself, “Awww, the wasp also wants some attention.” I was going to mention the wasp but something told me to keep quiet. Not everyone feels the way I do about wasps as I know some people find them scary. I’m not surprised as I’ve been stung twice by wasps. I continued to enjoy the love until the couple and the dogs got off at one stop, and the women and the girl at the next.

Now that there were fewer passengers, I decided to swap seats for one with more leg-room. Soon another couple got on board. The woman was carrying a bouquet of flowers and her partner had what looked like a box of chocolate. I wondered where they were going and if it was someone’s birthday.

During the journey I stared out of the window. I felt something crawling on my head which made it feel ticklish. I waved it away and realised it was my friend, the wasp. It crawled on the window next to me. I thought it was quite cute close up. Why was I ever scared of such a cute little thing? At the time I had been living under the illusion that Love had an opposing power. When I realised God’s allness and there was no room for anything but God’s love, I stopped being scared of wasps because I knew I shared the same self as all wasps – Love. Now I just see wasps as playful loving creatures serving their own purpose.

After a few minutes, the woman with the flowers got up and sat opposite me. She said she’d just noticed a wasp and was very scared of them. I assured her the wasp wasn’t going to sting her. It was probably drawn to her flowers. I asked her where she and her boyfriend were off to and she said they were on their way to a barbecue. I said at least the weather was perfect for it. While we were chatting, she forgot about the wasp. She even sat next to me.

At some point during the journey, three lads in their late teens got on board and sat behind us. One of them took an instant dislike to the wasp and squashed it. That was the end of my brief love affair with my wasp friend.

The good news is the Love that had been activated in that bus by people’s admiration for the dogs, and my love for the wasp, is ever present. Love is always present whether there is someone to express through or not.

Where there is only love, there is nothing to fear.


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