Oct 212008

I noticed an advert on television for a product. The advert talks about how we need to protect ourselves from those invisible germs that lurk after you’ve washed your hands. The advert stresses how important it is to use this particular product to get rid of those buggers. In the advert, a mother is disinfecting her kitchen table to protect her baby. Awww, bless!

That reminds me, when my mother had a cold recently, I forgot to disinfect the remote control before I touched it. I even forgot to disinfect the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and everywhere my mother had been in the house. No wonder I felt so good the whole time she had the cold! I know I should be carrying the disinfectant with me when I use public facilities such as buses, bookshops and libraries where I’m bound to touch other people’s germs, but I really can’t be bothered.

To the manufacturers of disinfectants, I know you mean well but it’s really too much hassle for me to think about disinfecting wherever I am. I would rather just trust in Love as the only power and reality, if that’s alright with you.

All the best with your advertising campaign though.


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