The Power of Music

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Dec 212008

I believe there’s nothing like music. While I was raised as a Christian, there was a lot that didn’t ring true for me. As soon as I was old enough to make my own decisions, I rejected Christianity and the beliefs associated with it to explore what the meaning of life means for me. While […]


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Dec 022008

Before I went to bed last night I had a stomach cramp. I figured I’d just go to sleep and it will sort itself out. In the middle of the night I woke up and was doubled up in pain. It was time to resolve the situation. I thought to myself “I’m feeling good; I […]


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Nov 132008

While I was chatting to a friend he asked me if I wanted to see a trick. “Go on then,” I said, “I love tricks!” He took an elastic band from the desk and then hid his hands under the desk to hide the elastic in one hand. I knew he was expecting me to […]

How to surrender to Him?

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Nov 122008

One of my friends has been asking: How to surrender to God? Analyzing my friend’s background, I find that he is quite comfortable economically, running a business to his satisfaction and maintaining a reasonable health at the age of 65 years. I don’t see a situation that needs his surrendering to God. He is tempted […]

Advertising Campaign

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Oct 212008

I noticed an advert on television for a product. The advert talks about how we need to protect ourselves from those invisible germs that lurk after you’ve washed your hands. The advert stresses how important it is to use this particular product to get rid of those buggers. In the advert, a mother is disinfecting […]

Sep 152008

When I went home last night my mother told me she’d been burgled. I asked her whether this had happened while we were out. She said it happened while she was at home. While my mother was watching television, someone rang the bell and said he was some kind of drainage inspector. Mum went to […]

The disappearance of the world – Is it a sense of immortality?

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Sep 032008

I tried my level best to prove my sovereignty on the basis of wealth and power. I wished to be a master commanding others. I seemed successful to some extent. But reality proved otherwise. In reality, I found that I was becoming a most dependant person and this often made me feel disgusted. The objects […]

Activating Love – Revisited

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Aug 302008

“Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.” Psalm 119: 18 “For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” Philippians 2: 13 I know colours are everywhere, yet sometimes it feels like there are no colours at all. I […]

Love is All in All – Part 2

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Aug 212008

Is there such a reality as evil or does evil exist if one believes in evil? I believe in the allness of God/Love i.e. because God/Love exists in all time, all space, and all realities, there is no room for anything unlike God. However, I’ve also experienced that there are realities that oppose God’s allness […]

The Secret of Eternal Youth – Revisited

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Aug 192008

While I was travelling on the bus I noticed a boy getting on with his mother. It’s difficult to tell how old he was, as he was taller than his mother, but I guessed he was around ten or eleven. There was something very serene about him. He didn’t seem to have a care in […]

Only One Here!

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Aug 182008

It’s a funny thing traffic lights. I’ve observed that when I’m waiting to cross the road, sometimes the lights change very quickly and sometimes they seem to take forever. What’s going on there? Hold that thought! The other day I came out of the supermarket with two heavy bags of shopping. I intended to cross […]

Love is All in All

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Aug 182008

Infinite Love has always been and will always be. This Love is my real self and true nature. To activate love all I need to do is live with the awareness that Love is all and in all. Another way Love’s presence can be activated is having an object of affection. When I got on […]

Separation – an essence of love

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Aug 142008

For about 7-8 months in 1989 I was all alone at a place 2000 kilometers away from my family. The first 2-3 months I practiced the repetition of the sweet names of my beloved personal God then I indulged in writing letters to my wife and posting an envelope daily. Out of 24 hours I […]

Does bliss lie beyond spiritual practices?

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Aug 142008

I have no claim of doing any kind of practice for spiritual gains – self-realization or devotion to God, at least in this very life. The situation was created unknowingly and I had no option other than to surrender to God (Please see my article: Death – a great spiritual teacher, indeed!). This makes me […]

The beloved of my beloved is the most beloved

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Jul 242008

After enjoying three relationships with the Lord (the Lord as master, friend and child, with myself as servant, friend and a parent to Him respectively) to whom I had surrendered in 1977, I came across my spiritual teacher and surrendered to Him in August 2002 for still another kind of relationship with the Lord. What […]

Exploiting through relationships

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Jul 242008

Our passion in “I and my” represents the ego and possessiveness, and these two attitudes cause temporary mental satisfaction but result in extreme agonies. Walls of differences are caused due to such consideration. A self-realized person is aware of this fact and leaves it forever. Thus, he remains always in a harmonious mood through service […]

Jul 222008

This short story is shared by Brian Joseph Strange how a word or phrase used in a certain way can evoke a memory. That is how it was for Marissa as she sat on the beach. It was early Fall and late in the day so there weren’t many people around. She sat close to […]

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The Power of Selfishness

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Jul 222008

During an email exchange with a friend I told her how much I admired the work she’s doing. My friend said: Thanks, but it’s a selfish act on my part…I just know I love it so do it selfishly!” My response was: Oh, pulease, I believe in selfish acts. If everyone was being truly selfish […]

The Final Conflict

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Jul 042008

Last night I had an out of body experience. One minute I was lying down and the next I was aware of myself hovering over my physical body then I was off and moving freely. Then I noticed this formless entity beside it. It was the most terrifying-looking and ugliest thing I’d ever dreamed of. […]

The Game of Healing and Channelling

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Jul 032008

When I heard a pastor famous for his healing crusades was having a meeting in London, I asked my mother if she was attending. She said she wasn’t going to bother as it’s too much hassle. Besides there is no need to travel anywhere since God is everywhere. I was very happy to hear that […]

Jun 212008

Only two kinds of entities need your love – an innocent child and the Lord (dwelling in all, animate and inanimate, and in the form of a divine body, when perceived through a pure mind and heart). Once you happen to love anyone of these they shall demand your whole attention. In return they may […]

Why should we not wish anything from God?

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Jun 212008

In spite of sincere efforts one may not get, sometimes, the desired result, and it may also happen that a devotee aspiring earnestly from a saint or God may be granted the same, but it may turn out to be the worst for him. For some seemingly impossible desire we happen to pray to God […]

Going Green

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Apr 282008

“Mother,” I asked, “why don’t you teach others the method of living without food?” My ambitious hopes for the world’s starving millions were nipped in the bud. “No.” She shook her head. “I was strictly commanded by my guru not to divulge the secret. It is not his wish to tamper with God’s drama of […]

Why the Inner Critic is Now My Greatest Ally

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Apr 182008

The other night, my mother and I watched some documentary on television about kids who were geniuses, and they made a big deal about how special these kids were. “We are all geniuses in our own right,” I said. “You’re right,” mum said. “Take you, for example, you make the best stews in the whole […]

How I Stay Fired Up

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Mar 312008

I was telling my friend that my mother attended a healing seminar recently where she’d witnessed lots of healing miracles. He asked if she was fired-up. I said she was but she’s coming down and finds she has to put what she’s learned into practice. “You have to be there for her,” he said. I […]

Mar 152008

I don’t believe in supporting any causes or raising awareness for any charity. I used to but then I discovered my awareness was creating more harm than good. In other words, I was attracting more of what I was focused on. Here are a few examples: At one time I was very interested in raising […]

Path of the Winged Heart

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Mar 062008

This short story is shared by Brian Joseph Maria sank down into her living room chair. It had been a long day. She closed her eyes and replayed the events of the last few days. There had been another encounter with one of the crippled hearts. When she was done replaying the events of the […]

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Long Live the King!

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Feb 232008

In a previous article called Inspiration I wrote: “For me, inspiration is the raising of my frequency from the level where life is a grind to that of joy, wonder and effortless living. If I want to experience a life filled with joy and wonder, I have to be constantly inspired.” Last night I watched […]