Mar 032009

A year ago my mother was given a potted Bologie vegetable plant which she put on the kitchen window sill. While she was on holidays, she asked me to look after the plant. I decided to name the plant Agnes after the British supermodel Agyness (same pronunciation but different spelling).

Agnes and I developed a strong bond. Every day I would tell her how much I love her and ask her to grow big and strong. Agnes really did prosper so much that when my mother returned from her holidays she was shocked to see how radiant Agnes was looking.

One day I was aghast to discover Agnes’ leaves had been pruned. I had become so attached to Agnes that I had forgotten she was also a vegetable that makes very good stew. Agnes didn’t seem to mind though as she continued to prosper anyway.

As Agnes was getting bigger, my mother decided to move her from the window to sit on top of a cupboard hear the window, which she believed would give her more room to spread her wings. Agnes didn’t like that spot at all because she was too near the cooker. She became a shadow of her former self; her leaves looked like they’d been scorched. For a while, it was touch and go and she looked like she was going to wither away. We continued to pour love on her and believe in her. She finally picked up and grew new leaves with singes around the edges.

After my mother had pruned her, the next generation of leaves were also singed. My mother was quite puzzled why Agnes was growing new leaves with singed leaves then I reminded her that it’s due to cellular memories. I said even though my cells are continuously being renewed, the memory of old scars have been passed on from one generation to the next; that’s why I still have scars from childhood on my body. Similarly, Agnes was passing on the old memories from one generation to the next.

My mother and I continued to love Agnes and encourage her to grow big and strong. The next time mum pruned her leaves, Agnes grew perfect leaves. Mum decided to transfer part of Agnes to a smaller pot. Baby Agnes grew big, strong and perfect leaves just like her mother. We were really proud of Agnes senior and junior.

Agnes has now become a grandmother.

Agnes has taught me a lot about how to let go of old wounds: just love, love, love.

Love dissolves all grievances.


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