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Mind is the director, the actor, and the stage of everything that seems to happen. The whole physical universe is purely mental. In reality nothing ever happens. Reality is total, perfect, undivided, and changeless.

The body does appear to have a brain, but it’s not the brain that does the thinking. Space and time, matter and energy, body and brain exist only as an impossible thought in the dualistic ego mind, which is itself an illusion of separation. What on this level looks like billions of years is only a momentary lapse in my awareness of total oneness.

My reality is pure Spirit, innocent and whole. One reality, one truth, but my awareness of the truth is lost as soon as I take an illusion for real. I seem to have fled into a delusional world and identified myself totally with a perishable body in a cruel dream, only because, for a tiny moment, I dared not accept my unlimited power of mind.

Unconsciously, in this dream, I still harbor a notion of having killed the truth, and that is the cause of a deeply felt guilt, which determines my interpretation of everything I seem to experience here.

Therefore, in my human appearance I am bound to suffer, but in spite of what it may look like, the body itself cannot suffer. All suffering is only of the mind that keeps the anxious body thought going.

In reality this is of no consequence, because I never left my home in Spirit. I only think I did, but I can choose to wake up to the truth. That’s why I am called not to take this fearful dream too seriously, because right from the start it’s only an invitation to forgive.

Forgiveness is the overlooking of whatever seems to happen in the dream, remembering that my true nature is the total love of Spirit. Nothing exists outside of love. I can learn to forgive myself and the other more often, and thereby let this become a healthy habit. The remembrance of love returns my mind to peace, the state of mind of Spirit.

Peace has no need to manifest itself into any form. It simply is. It doesn’t happen. In its non-duality it cannot be understood, which is a blessing. Being peace is the undoing of all thoughts that ever came to mind.

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