being peace

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Nov 072009

Mind is the director, the actor, and the stage of everything that seems to happen. The whole physical universe is purely mental. In reality nothing ever happens. Reality is total, perfect, undivided, and changeless. The body does appear to have a brain, but it’s not the brain that does the thinking. Space and time, matter […]

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Oct 252009

This short story is shared by Brian Joseph It was Christmas Eve and James was home from college. He had just finished helping his mother clear the supper table and was talking about his plans for the coming summer after he graduated. His fourteen year old sister entered the kitchen. ” Are you guys ready? […]

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Following My Natural Rhythm – Aum

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Aug 122009

Girl, close your eyes Let that rhythm get into you Don’t try to tight it There ain’t nothin’ that you can do Relax your mind Lay back and groove with mine You got to feel that heat And we can ride the boogie Share that beat of love Rock with You, Michael Jackson In the […]

My Holy Communion with Michael Jackson

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Jun 292009

I believe in the importance of being true to myself in every moment by doing what I love. How is it possible to continuously do what you love when there are things you sometimes have to do that you don’t particularly enjoy? Easy, just think about what you love. For instance, I recently attended my […]

Comedy Sketch

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Jun 172009

I have observed life provides limitless opportunities for fun and laughter, sometimes in the most unlikely places. The other day I accompanied my mother to the hospital. At the waiting room, my mother chose where she wanted to sit and I sat next to her. There was an elderly lady sitting to my right. After […]

Stake Your Claim

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May 092009

I believe the Universe is rather like an insurance policy. Insurance companies agree to cover policy holders in times of crisis. However, it’s up to the policy holders to not only claim what they are entitled to but to prove their entitlement. Don’t expect the insurance company to do it for you. In the same […]

On Being Psychic

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Apr 272009

When a friend and I got on the bus she looked at her watch and muttered a few times, “I’m going to be late!” As we were chatting she relaxed and stopped fretting. At one stop I noticed the driver was taking longer than usual to leave. I realised a passenger had tried to open […]

Apr 212009

This article is shared by Marsha Jordan How does being a Christian affect the minute details of your daily life? Do we put in “pew time” on Sundays but live pretty much the same way everyone else does the rest of the week? Or do we live lives of excellence at all times? Aristotle said, […]

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The Price of Harmony

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Apr 162009

Mystics have shared their visions of a world where humans and animals live together in perfect harmony, but methinks there is a huge price to pay for this reality. As I was walking through a park I noticed this pigeon taking his evening constitutional ahead of me. As the pigeon was taking his time, I […]

Dissolving Cell Memories

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Mar 032009

A year ago my mother was given a potted Bologie vegetable plant which she put on the kitchen window sill. While she was on holidays, she asked me to look after the plant. I decided to name the plant Agnes after the British supermodel Agyness (same pronunciation but different spelling). Agnes and I developed a […]

True Riches

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Feb 202009

This article is shared by Marsha Jordan I have an acquaintance who won big on the slot machines in Las Vegas. I wouldn’t mind having money spill out of a machine into my pockets, but that’s not likely to happen since I don’t gamble. However, I am rich because I possess a treasure greater than […]

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Now I See

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Feb 202009

This article is shared by Marsha Jordan Due to complications of an illness, without warning I’d been struck blind. As I lay awake in the lonely darkness, I prayed harder than I’d ever prayed before. I was living a nightmare. I felt alone and afraid. The searing pain stabbed at my eyes as if fire […]

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Sister Sister

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Feb 202009

This article is shared by Marsha Jordan My sister, Mrs. Clean, bleaches her ceiling, vacuums the driveway, and irons socks. Her house looks like a magazine cover. Mine looks like the county dump. Her floors are so clean you could eat off them. You can eat off mine too . . . if you’re a […]

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God Helps Those Who Help Themselves – Revisited

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Feb 072009

As I was walking home the other night, a man approached me and asked me the way to a particular area. I pointed the way. He thanked me and walked briskly away. Previous to that, during another walk, a young lady stopped me and asked me how to get to a particular street. I told […]

Is the World a Vanity Fair?

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Jan 292009

Realizing the imminence of his death a patient started pleading with the doctor to save him at any cost. He told the doctor that money would be no bar in organizing the best treatment available in the hope of gaining an extra lease of life. The doctor was perplexed as the whole system of the […]