Jun 252011

I’ve always believed in cutting out the “middle man” appearing as teachers, gurus, messiahs and masters and going straight to the Source, the God Presence in me. Here’s an example of my belief in every day life.

Two weeks ago when I did my mother’s shopping, I bought a handwash which the supermarket was selling at a special offer: buy one, get one free. When I tried to use the handwash, I found the dispenser wasn’t working. I wondered if that was the real reason why the supermarket was giving them away? Fortunately, the other one was working fine.

Today, I decided to take the faulty handwash to the supermarket to exchange it. The only problem was my mother couldn’t find the receipt. I figured I would take my chances anyway.

When I explained to the Customer Services’ cashier what the problem was she said if the handwash was their supermarket brand she would have exchanged it but since it’s not their brand and I didn’t have a receipt there was nothing she could do.

I figured I would look for a manager. I noticed several staff standing at the back of the supermarket, I approached them and asked them who the manager was.

“We are all managers here!” one of them said.

So I explained my problem and asked if they could help me with exchanging the product. One manager took the product and said he understood my situation as he’s had a similar problem before. When he took me to the shelf where I’d got the handwash, he saw they no longer had that product in stock. He said I could have another one from the same brand. As it was slightly different from the one I had, he said they needed to scan it through their system. The manager took me to the Customers Services’ desk and asked the cashier to do the necessary exchange. She told him she couldn’t exchange it as I didn’t have a receipt and the handwash was not their supermarket brand. The manager apologised and said they couldn’t exchange it. I pointed out to him that since I had bought the product at their store, surely they could just exchange it as they had sold me a faulty product. He told me to wait while he obviously went to discuss the matter with his superior. When he returned, he asked the cashier to exchange the product. I thanked the manager for his assistance.

While the cashier was doing the exchange, she had to ask her colleague for assistance. It would seem that because I didn’t have a receipt she didn’t know what code to use. So her colleague advised her what to do and she printed out some kind of receipt and then gave me the new product. I could see she was pretty peeved that I had gone above her head and spoken to the manager.

As I see it, only those who have made up the rules can change the rules.

That’s why if you want something changed, you have to cut out the middle man and go straight to the Top.


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