Jun 252011

An old man was traveling sleeper class on a train, going on a pilgrimage. In the morning a young man asked his other co-passengers if someone had lost his purse. The old man claimed it. The young man asked: what are the contents of the purse? The old man replied that his purse had a photo of Lord Krishna in child form. While receiving his purse back the old man said: There is a story to this purse. Co-passengers wondered about what could be the story to the purse. Curiously they asked the old man to tell the story. The old man started: When I was in 7th Standard my father gifted me with this purse on my birthday. I inserted in it a photograph of my parents who were most dear to me at that time. When I was in college I removed the photo of my parents and replaced it with my photo, as I was fascinated by my look and loved my own face. After marriage I loved my wife most so I replaced my photo with my wife’s photo. Thereafter I got my son and I replaced my wife’s photo with my son’s photo who was most dear to me. Now my wife expired five years back and my only son in New Delhi is so busy with his family and his job that he hardly ever has time to talk to me. My grand-children are too busy with their computer games, TV shows, home-work, schooling, etcetera, that they hardly ever come to me. Also my daughter-in-law interrupted me harshly, once, when I was talking to my grand-children and instructed me not to indulge in telling the children old things and values of my own times. The times have changed now and you have not changed, she said. I was left alone in the world, helpless and crestfallen, no one in my family left to talk to me. Then at last I had to love Lord Krishna in child form and I keep His photo in this purse. He is proving my best companion in life. Though he has always been with me inside, I never paid attention to Him before. Now I am never alone. He keeps me so busy that I have no thought of anybody else. He is truly my heartbeat now. How I can forget Him?

Well, this may happen to all of us. Why not start loving Him now? Why wait for the time when one is left all alone. Keep this love secret as far as possible, otherwise even family members, out of jealousy, may consider a person who loves Him above all as having gone mad. The love of God will surely turn such a one mad in the eyes of their near and dear ones. A husband who is always in the company of God will be forsaken by his wife if she doesn’t value the love of God. Outwardly, he should continue his duties towards his family and keep the love of God in mind, otherwise he may have to leave his family, or the family will forsake him, as it happened in the following case.

Not so long ago a high official in the Police force was found in a lady dress wearing bangles and a red mark on his forehead, the symbols of a married lady in India. He claimed himself to be the wife of the Lord. At home, in the company of his followers he danced as a wife of the Lord. His wife was ashamed in her circle of friends because of her husband’s behavior. Finally, he was removed from his post for such unusual behavior in public, and his wife filed a case for divorce, which was granted by the court.

So the Lord is the best companion of those people who are left without their family or kith and kin. Alternatively, if a man loves the Lord, as in the case of the police official, he too is left alone, or he is insulted by his family for his curious behavior and driven away. He finds the company of devotees and of God and enjoys bliss. The following five are of divine nature: God, His name, His abode, His qualities, and His play. The saints and the mind of any aspirant of a high level dwell within the area of these five.

God is really the heartbeat of such devotees. They don’t think of anything else but God. They leave their interest in worldly affairs, and even their bodily care behind. They don’t mind insult or praise by anyone. They never mind the problems created by their kith and kin. They don’t bother about food even. For them everybody and everything is God. Naturally God takes care of such mad devotees. But such cases are rare, and only fortunate ones get such an association with God.

SP Sharma, India

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About me.
I was born on 8 December 1945 and had self-realisation on 20 August 1977 at the age of 32. Thereafter I automatically shifted to the devotion path and a sort of relationship developed with God. Starting as a servant to God, then friendliness with God and then started liking God in child form. There is nothing left except to enjoy divine love and feel its presence in the whole world.