Dec 062011

In the UK, the House of Commons is the lower house of parliament where MPs (members of parliament) meet to pass new laws and debate and discuss political matters; and the House of Lords is the upper house of parliament where Lords meet to do the same. Members of the House of Commons are elected while members of the House of Lords are either appointed or have inherited their peerage.

Debates in the House of Commons are presided over by the Speaker. MPs address their speeches to the Speaker whom they refer to as “Mr Speaker” or “Madame Speaker” depending on gender. The Speaker is impartial and does not take part in debates. The Speaker decides whose turn it is to speak and calls the House to order when things are not running as they should. S/he normally just says “Order, Order in the House!”

In the House of Lords, the Speaker is referred to as Lord Speaker. Because the House of Lords is self-governed, no one is really in charge. When the Lords make their speeches they address the whole House. The Lord Speaker is only there to make announcements.

I’ve been to both Houses and I’ve seen both in action. The House of Commons was rowdy and dramatic; while the House of Lords was a lot quieter and orderly.

I like to see “house” as a metaphor for our Divine Consciousness (DC) , which is everywhere present. Without the DC there would be no beauty, creativity, life, energy, intelligence, harmony, joy, love, light, order, peace or power in the universe.

I believe when one is living with the awareness of the DC, life is very orderly, rather like the House of Lords. When you’re not aware of the DC, you believe only in appearances which are limited. Limits make you feel fearful and where there is fear, there is chaos. That’s when it’s useful to have a Speaker to put your House in order like they have in the House of Commons.

Who exactly is the Speaker?

The Speaker is each individual, whose job it is to get their House in order.

How do I put my House in order?

By either calling on Divine Order or living with the awareness that Divine Order is all there is then Order is restored as equivalent experiences.

I’m a huge fan of affirmations and I am always creating new ones. I even create melodies for some of my affirmations. Here’s a few that I use as I’m inspired.

“Every single moment of this day is under Divine Order.”
“My affairs are under Divine Order.”
“My Body is under Divine Order.”
“I call on Divine Order NOW!”
“Order in the House!”
“Order! Order!”

The easiest way, I find, to experience Divine Order is to experience life from inner silence. Then there are no unruly thoughts (MPs) to call into order and everything runs smoothly.

While I was working on this piece, a friend texted me and asked if he could call me. As I was in the library at the time I had to go out to receive the call. Before I left, I checked the computer to see if I had enough time remaining and I had about 20 minutes. During our conversation, we spoke about a lot of changes my friend is going through at the moment and how all things are working out for good. After a while, I told my friend I needed to go in as I was feeling cold. When I got back to the computer, I saw that I only had 1 minute remaining. In other words, I had arrived just in time to extend my time before the computer got switched off. That is one demonstration of Divine Order at work.

I am the Speaker of my House.
Order in the House!


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