Dec 192011

It is the Season of Goodwill and people are bending over backwards to be nice and generous.

I believe the ones who benefit the most from people’s “generosity” and “kindness” are businesses who make massive profits.

As I see it, if you want to show your love and appreciation for people, why wait for a religious festival that most people don’t believe in anyway? Why not show your love and appreciation now?

The irony is people are giving all the time in small acts of love and kindness; and showing their love in various forms every day. But because these little gifts are given in times that don’t fit into any religious calendar or some festival, they are taken for granted and seen as nothing.

If I were to embrace the dominant belief of giving only on special occasions:

I would be “blind” to all the good that’s happening to me and around me every day;

I would not be open to receive gifts because I would think I can only receive on special days or occasions;

I would then delay sharing what I have till special occasions. I certainly would be depriving all those who read my blogs and who find what I have to share inspiring.

So I don’t believe in playing the waiting game. What I have now, I share now. They may not fit into society’s idea of giving, but who cares? I don’t operate by society’s standards, I believe in being myself.

I am always open to receive. Feel free to give me whatever you feel inspired to give me now.


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