Why Wait to Give?

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Dec 192011

It is the Season of Goodwill and people are bending over backwards to be nice and generous. I believe the ones who benefit the most from people’s “generosity” and “kindness” are businesses who make massive profits. As I see it, if you want to show your love and appreciation for people, why wait for a […]

Putting My House in Order

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Dec 062011

In the UK, the House of Commons is the lower house of parliament where MPs (members of parliament) meet to pass new laws and debate and discuss political matters; and the House of Lords is the upper house of parliament where Lords meet to do the same. Members of the House of Commons are elected […]

The Spirit is Willing…No Buts – Revisited

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Dec 022011

When my mother told me a male friend was coming round to keep her company, I couldn’t resist teasing her. “Have fun, but don’t do what I wouldn’t do!” I said. “What’s that then?” mum chuckled. “I know what you old folks are like when you get together. Actually, you might be thinking of doing […]

Time, the Great Healer

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Sep 212011

The wonderful thing about having money is it buys me lots of time. When I’m not feeling well: I have time to make an appointment to see my doctor, healer or therapist, I have time to visit my doctor, healer or therapist, I have time to get to the pharmacist to buy my medication, I […]

Is God-realization the result of practice?

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Sep 042011

Yes and No. Both answers are correct, because there are two types of devotion: (1) the developmental stage of a devotee, in which devotion is developed through three practices mentioned below and (2) perfect devotion to God or love God unconditionally. While practicing devotion one may seek some favors from God in the beginning but […]

Allergic Reactions

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Jul 182011

I caught part of a TV documentary yesterday where they were discussing various allergies. One expert said the reason why people suffer from hay fever is because they are allergic to grass. Another woman, whose son is allergic to nuts, said she has to scrutinise everything she buys to ensure there are no nuts. Even […]

Developing Gratefulness and Forgiveness

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Jul 082011

It is quite common to say: ‘Thank you’, without feeling grateful, a number of times during the day. Similarly the word ‘Sorry’ is used without feeling repentant. The real situation is that we avoid the person who is doing us a favour in order not to feel small before him, and it may also be […]

Secret of Eternal Youth? Ask Me Later!

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Jun 302011

“Words! Words! I’m so sick of words! I get words all day through; First from him, now from you! Is that all you blighters can do? Don’t talk of stars burning above; If you’re in love, Show me! Tell me no dreams Filled with desire. If you’re on fire, Show me! Here we are together […]

Going Straight to the Top

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Jun 252011

I’ve always believed in cutting out the “middle man” appearing as teachers, gurus, messiahs and masters and going straight to the Source, the God Presence in me. Here’s an example of my belief in every day life. Two weeks ago when I did my mother’s shopping, I bought a handwash which the supermarket was selling […]

You Are My Heartbeat

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Jun 252011

An old man was traveling sleeper class on a train, going on a pilgrimage. In the morning a young man asked his other co-passengers if someone had lost his purse. The old man claimed it. The young man asked: what are the contents of the purse? The old man replied that his purse had a […]

Is God a Mathematician?

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Jun 232011

With Truth, there is no compromise. In other words, something is either true or false, there is no in between. 2 + 2 = 4 – True 2 + 2 = 4.01 – False Another way to put it is: Truth is like a magnet that only picks up or attracts things that are magnetic […]


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Jun 202011

In the science fiction TV series Star Trek, Starfleet explorers from the Federation of Planets have a guiding principle they live by called the Prime Directive which prevents them from interfering with the development of other worlds and species. In other words, they don’t get involved with local politics. I believe one reason why the […]

A Temporary Fall from Ideals – A Blessing in Disguise?

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Jun 022011

In a scripture called Srimad Bhagwat we come across a story of Ajamil, the great sinner who got redemption after witnessing his brief death and then surviving for another year. The story goes like this: Ajamil was very pious and a learned scholar in his youth. While collecting flowers in the garden for the worship […]

How Big Is the Universe?

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May 212011

Our mind is bound by limits, hence it is restless but curious too. It may ponder such questions as: How big is the universe, and if it can be sized what is beyond it? No wonder that the mind which has no physical identity and whose location in the body has not been determined even, […]

Acknowledging My Infinite Guides

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Feb 192011

While I was talking a walk by the canal, I noticed a man riding on his bicycle while instructing two girls rowing in a boat. As he had a higher vantage point than the two girls, he could guide them safely. He even reminded them when to look back. Since this man is not always […]

Freedom Only Knows How to Be Free

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Feb 042011

As I was walking by this particular park whose gates were now closed, I noticed several guys were trying to get into the park by leaping over the fence. I was reminded of a time when I almost got stuck in that same park. It was summer and I was taking a walk with a […]