Aug 092012

I always find it interesting the various strategies people use to achieve success at whatever they’re doing.

When the Team GB athlete was interviewed about his performance in the men’s 110 metres hurdles final at the Olympics (in which he came fourth), he said because he hadn’t expected to get to the final, he treated the semi-final as his last race. He ended running faster than he’s ever ran before.

When the winner of the same race, was asked about his performance and why he’s so consistent, he said he treats all races as practice sessions.  This way, he doesn’t feel pressured.

I think both strategies are really good!

I have two life strategies.

First, I treat life as an emergency.  Calling out “Help” in my thoughts is rather like dialling 999 (emergency number in the UK) or using the Mayday distress signal.  Your needs are then given top priority.

My second strategy is to acknowledge God/Love’s presence at all times and let the Power do the work on my behalf. Then I get to experience miracles galore.

Whatever works, keep doing it!


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