Whatever Works

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Aug 092012

I always find it interesting the various strategies people use to achieve success at whatever they’re doing. When the Team GB athlete was interviewed about his performance in the men’s 110 metres hurdles final at the Olympics (in which he came fourth), he said because he hadn’t expected to get to the final, he treated the semi-final as his […]

The Power of Gratitude

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Jun 272012

I believe all problems that humanity has ever dreamed up or will ever dream up have already been resolved.   All needs have already been met.  All desires have already been fulfilled.  To receive them in the here and now,  it’s important to thank the One/God for what has already been done.  Here’s one example, which […]

Giving away my body to Him

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Jun 052012

I am a male person. I was in unique state of mind at the dead of night when I felt in an ecstasy that my body is becoming His body including mind and intellect. Soon after I wrote in my notebook: “I am dying now and in morning I shall born as a new person.” […]

Four kinds of Yogis

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May 292012

“Yoga” in the Sanskrit language means to get connected to the Self or to God. In the Shrimad Bhagwad Gita (SBG), Lord Krishna has enumerated various kinds of yoga techniques, which are related to control of the senses, almsgiving, breathe control; sacrifices of wealth, penance, self-study, wisdom et cetera. A common mind gets confused as […]

Meditation made easy

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May 052012

I met my retired boss and asked him about his routine. Oh! I feel very sleepy and soon after breakfast I go to sleep. In the morning I worship and then meditate. The whole day I think of past events, otherwise what to do? I asked him whether in meditation he was able to get […]

Relax and the World Relaxes with You

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Apr 252012

While I was on the computer, I started feeling intense period pain. Fortunately, I was at home so I went to lie down. Although I was feeling tense, I told myself I was feeling relaxed and my body relaxed. Within a few minutes I was back on the computer. After I shared my experience with […]

O God! Bipolar disorder, why me? – A blessing in disguise

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Apr 232012

This is the question I was asking God during the depression phase of my Bipolar disorder (BP). How God answered and what His reply was, will become clear from the following: This disease is characterized by an elevated mood, increased energy (mania) and for a few days sleepless nights. If not treated it may lead […]

Just Leave It Alone!

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Apr 212012

A few days ago when I noticed a fat pimple on my face, I was so tempted to squeeze it but I decided to leave it alone.  I figured it will go away of its own accord and I gave it no further thought.  Today, I noticed the pimple has gone.  A few months ago, I […]

T…..R…..R…..R…..BHAMM – witnessing a divine body!

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Apr 102012

It was almost midnight and I was awake when I heard T…..R…..R…..R…..BHAMM like a bomb explosion in my head and then all was calm and quiet. I had written four lines in my notebook before this event: 1. My body is becoming His, gradually. 2. I am dying; in the morning I shall be born […]

Being Fully Present

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Mar 192012

On last night’s Dancing on Ice (the reality TV show where celebrity skaters are paired off with professional ice skaters and compete against each other), a judge awarded a celebrity skater 9.5 out of a possible 10 for her performance. Last week that same judge gave her 6.5, which the other judges disagreed with. In […]

Our journey of life so far and our journey forward

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Mar 162012

Fortunately we taste the world’s duality first in the form of vices and virtues, pains and pleasures, births and deaths, sadness and happiness, and these are common to all of us. All our efforts are directed towards having an ever pleasing mood and a deathless body. This wish is fulfilled when we become innocent like […]

The instinct to seek absolute pleasure

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Feb 252012

On a beach of Goa (India) female tortoises come to lay their eggs in the sand and after laying the eggs they bury them in the sand. After hatching the newborn babies run towards the sea during high tide. It is their natural instinct which drives them to home (the sea). There are many such […]

Un-Bloat Me Now!

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Feb 152012

Before I went to bed, I noticed my stomach was so bloated I looked several months pregnant and I felt really uncomfortable. I decided to do something about it so I thought: “God, this is your body, un-bloat it now!” As I lay in bed, I could feel my stomach slowly reducing in size in […]

The spiritual plan for a healthy and satisfying life

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Feb 122012

Our main concern is to maintain good health and keep our mind full of positive thoughts. It is usually said that Yogasanas practiced at a young age help in maintaining good health in old age, but most of us miss it due to lack of time and interest. Our ancestors paid good attention towards the […]

Don’t Waste Your Money!

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Feb 062012

A few weeks back, when I noticed information on the Internet for a herbal product that I thought my mother would be interested in, I brought the information to her attention. After she read about the product, she decided to place an order. She soon received a confirmation email that her order had been received […]

Standing on the Truth Escalator

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Feb 012012

“Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions.” ~~ Ecclesiastes 7: 29 In my response to a friend’s email, I commended her for standing on Truth when she was ill. By this I mean, despite appearances and what the doctors were telling her, she […]

Three questions from an innocent child

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Jan 292012

One evening my seven year old grand-daughter was amusing me with her jokes. Suddenly I cut her short and asked her to ask me some question about God. Promptly she put up three questions given below: Q.1. Why don’t we see God with our own eyes? Q.2. What does God do for us? Q.3. Why […]

Being Picked Up

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Jan 272012

I stopped off at the local supermarket for a few items my mother wanted. At first the bags felt OK to carry but then they got heavier. Then I thought to myself, why am I struggling when I can ask for help? “Thank you for carrying the bags for me!” The moment I had the […]

Sole Searching

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Jan 262012

“Soul has infinite resources with which to bless mankind, and happiness would be more readily attained and would be more secure in our keeping, if sought in Soul.” Mary Baker Eddy I walk at least 40 miles a week. Because of all that walking, my boots wear out quite quickly. One pair I got from […]

Mental service to God – a key to enjoy bliss

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Jan 082012

Since my retirement in November 2006 almost five years have passed. For the last 2-3 years I have been sitting in the mornings in the office of the Pensioner’s Welfare Association, where I have no work and hardly any one comes. In between for about a year I also served in the publication department of […]