Storm Debris

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Apr 072007

This article is shared by Marsha Jordan After some friends lost their home in a tornado, I helped them clean up what was left. There wasn’t much. Where their house had once stood was a refrigerator. That’s all. Destruction was everywhere. Debris covered the yard and the nearby woods. All day we sorted through the […]

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Help! I've Become My Mother!

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Apr 052007

This article is shared by Marsha Jordan I swore it would never happen, but it did. I noticed it one sweltering August afternoon in 2001. I opened my mouth and . . . out came my mother’s voice! I was saying all the things I’d long ago sworn never to repeat. I HAD BECOME MY […]

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Little Acts of Love

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Apr 052007

This article is shared by Marsha Jordan As I loaded dishes into the dishwasher, I sang along with the radio. My grandson looked up from the picture he was coloring and said, “Grandma, there’s one thing about you that I don’t like.” Anticipating what he was going to say, I asked, “What? That I sing […]

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Angel at the Automat

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Mar 252007

This short story is shared by Brian Joseph He sat down in his favorite living room chair and looked at her peacefully asleep on the couch. It had been a long day. It had started early, with a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed. He had just put the children to sleep. He picked up the […]

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who's to blame?

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Mar 032007

There are a lot of complaints about this world, and rightly so. Judging from experience it wouldn’t be unfair to call it hell. Now, who’s to blame for this? Who dunnit? Because the atrocities of this world clearly have sprouted from the insane mind of a vicious killer, God – Who is Love – is […]

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Limburger Attitude

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Mar 022007

This article is shared by Marsha Jordan I don’t like morning — it starts too early in the day. Yesterday morning was worse than most and started out bad from the get go. I always know it’s going to be a lousy day when it begins with getting out of bed. I’ve had bronchitis for […]

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Feb 032007

There’s no faster way to end suffering in myself and others then by forgiving the world for what it is not. It’s not true what needs to be forgiven, it’s only an illusion. Unreality taken for real is the cause of all suffering, and forgiveness takes care of that. By letting go of the illusion […]

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Jan 312007

This short story is shared by Brian Joseph As soon as he sat down on the bench he began to drift back to that Valentine’s Day eighteen years before. It had been at this very same bench. He had been coming here every Valentine’s Day. He would sit for an hour or so and remember […]

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Jan 162007

This article is shared by Marsha Jordan Have you ever wished, during some horrible time of your life, that you could run into a safe place and hide from the sadness or fear that stalks you? I saw a movie about a mother and daughter whose home was broken into. They hid in a special […]

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Jan 162007

This article is shared by Marsha Jordan What can you say to a parent who loses a child to cancer? Whatever words we offer are inadequate to lessen their sorrow. We have no answers to questions like, “Why this child?” or “Why now?” and “What do I do now?” Another question we all ask and […]

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Things That Go Barf in the Night

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Jan 162007

This story is shared by Marsha Jordan I have difficulty sleeping because my dog shares my bed. When I say “shares,” I mean he assigns me a tiny space on the edge where I must hang on with my toenails to keep from falling out. Louie stretches out sideways in the middle of the bed […]

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What Are You Worth?

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Jan 162007

This article is shared by Marsha Jordan My husband and I collect antiques and often argue about their value. He’ll say, “This is worth $500.” And my reply is “It’s not worth anything unless someone is willing to buy it.” People put great value on things. I laugh at how much some folks pay for […]

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Jan 082007

This article is shared by Ben Gilberti The key to the full experience of Truth rests with the fact that, when pressed to admit it, everyone must acknowledge that they in fact cannot be absolutely certain that anything in their experience is true. There is simply no way that anyone can be certain that the […]

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A Door and a Window

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Jan 062007

This article is shared by Dale Hunter When it’s the middle of the night, and the wind is screaming through the rigging at 45 knots, and the boat is heeled thirty degrees, and the seas are running high against you, and water is breaking on deck…, and you’re all alone…, and there is white water […]

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Dec 052006
The Difficulty In Applying Life’s Greatest Secret

This article is shared by William Cottringer First of all, what is life’s greatest secret? A recently released video, “The Secret,” is bound to have a major impact by explaining what the secret involves and all the benefits it brings. In fact, it is my first experience at hearing a group of very different theologians, […]

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The Giving Gift

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Oct 272006

This Holiday Short Story is shared by Brian Joseph After he had unwrapped his gifts on Christmas morning the the 5 year old boy’s mother asked him which one of his presents he wanted to donate to a poor child who had less than him. “None”, the boy replied. His mom sat him on her […]

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a practical approach

 Stan's meditations  Comments Off on a practical approach
Sep 242006

Any problem in life is a matter of definition: how do I want to see it? That again depends on how I want to see myself. Sometimes I experience a state of mind in which I do not see problems anymore whatsoever, because I’m feeling free and at peace. This gives me a completely different […]

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May 132006

The world has given us many questions, and even more questionable solutions, but never the real answer. The real answer is given long before even the first question could be asked, and long before the idea of a world could take hold in the mind. The real answer is the timeless truth of what I […]

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A Letter to a Friend II

 Max DeJong  Comments Off on A Letter to a Friend II
May 042006

This article is shared by Max DeJong No doubt we all make mistakes. The fact we do is not the issue. The fact we don’t should be reason for concern. The only way to progress in life is our willingness to make mistakes in order to learn. When it happens we should be encouraged instead […]

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Our Hero

 Kristine K. Lowder  Comments Off on Our Hero
Mar 212006

This poem is shared by Kristine K. Lowder He’s tired coming home as the day’s nearly spent Selfless shoulders may sag and then droop, greatly bent But when he walks through the door at the end of the day He’s met by a chorus chiming, “Dad, can you play?” First Josiah jumps up and dashes […]

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Having A Relationship In Later Years

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Mar 092006

This article is shared by William Cottringer Having an intimate relationship with another human being is the ultimate test of character—prompting you to come face to face with your best and worse self and forcing you to apply all the good things you have learned to help influence a positive outcome, sometimes against seemingly insurmountable […]

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Feb 242006

This story is shared by Kristine K. Lowder Hands clenched white, he gripped the drooping paper plate for dear life. My four year-old tracked me down between sips of orange juice and a double Dutch chocolate donut bearing his latest Sunday school creation: a slightly squashed green plastic planter sheltering what may be charitably dubbed […]

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Feb 242006

This poem is shared by Kristine K. Lowder Me again Grimy Wobbly Faithless Stubbornly starving Pockmarked with pitfalls Plowed deep in pride Strangled by selfishness Butting another brick wall Me again

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What I Wanted

 Kristine K. Lowder  Comments Off on What I Wanted
Feb 242006

This poem is shared by Kristine K. Lowder I wanted You to still the storm calm the tempest part my sea. I wanted You to mend my fractures salve my wounds end the pain. I wanted You to sharpen sword eviscerate all enemies oversee their quick retreat. You didn’t.

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Jan 262006

This article is shared by Max DeJong It is desire that makes entrance to existence, and its omission closes it. “THEN, could you tell me more about the materialization process?” It is the union of three, ‘Desire-Thought-Energy’, that are the building blocks of creative reality. “What are the steps involved?” First of all DESIRE! Literally […]

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Proof (Beyond Belief) in the Existence of God

 Michael Levy  Comments Off on Proof (Beyond Belief) in the Existence of God
Nov 302005

This article is shared by Michael Levy No matter what any person believes, the image of some sort of God will come into their mind. Even if they do not believe in that image, they will still hold an image of God in their minds, so that they can reject it…Therefore; God has to exist […]

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Nov 102005

Earth has but one religion, the religion of separation, and even atheists fervently adhere to it. No creed is defended more fiercely than that of separation, because it’s all driven by an unrecognized sense of guilt. Guilt is caused by the belief that I can really separate myself from the all encompassing whole that is […]

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 Stan's meditations  Comments Off on be
Oct 092005

There’s nothing personal about ‘enlightenment’, yet for the one and only mind the concept of enlightenment is meaningless, too. In reality, being unenlightened is not an option. So, what is there to enlighten? The answer can only be: an illusion, no doubt. But what does it mean when an illusion becomes enlightened?

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Jul 182005

This article is shared by Max DeJong When discussing politics or religion (especially the latter, but both are intertwined much as the Aesculapian staff) it seems you entered ‘holy ground’… the primordial foundations where people built their hopes on and outline their lives. It is not wise to enter these waters, for it could ruin […]

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May 262005

Here’s the situation. We are spirit, and mind is our instrument to be active. This mind, in a moment of temporary insanity, dreams up a world of form separate from the one and only reality that is God. Separating from the all powerful One is a fearsome act, but by mental dissociation the mind escapes […]

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