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Nov 291998

Whatever I lack, an invitation to use my power to share is always presenting itself. I may choose not to see it, but the soul will use every situation to make her light come through, so she can enjoy her own splendor. I can always join her in this expansion of happiness. She’s just waiting […]

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nothing is solid

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Nov 291998

The body owes its inspiring innocence to the fact that it is, in its own way, a perfect reflection of the consciousness that creates it. The body, like everything else in this world, is a creation in progress, an ongoing expression of the soul in physical matter. Therefore, the point of application for any real […]

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Nov 291998

What is love? It is simply the essence of reality. This is hard to accept when I believe in the reality of good and evil and the concreteness of physical matter. If I refuse to examine my unproven assumptions about reality, this essence will remain invisible. So, a little unbending is necessary to enable a […]

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Nov 291998

If I cherish an image about myself that is not inspired by what I am, then I’m a cause of trouble, especially for myself. That’s why spirituality is so practical because it means getting in touch and staying in touch with what I am, through openness. These meditations help me to change my self-image and […]

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