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Full Circle

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May 062004

This story is shared by Alexandra Reynolds There’s a nature trail in Mt. Tamalpais that I consider to be my favorite trail. It’s not the most beautiful trail I’ve walked through, but walking through it reminds me of my own path in life. The trail begins at the top the mountain with a full view […]

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A Spiritual Intervention

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Mar 102004

This story is shared by Alexandra Reynolds Dreams are spirit roads leading to contemplation… In my dream, I was standing in a crowded bus, dressed in a very expensive black leather suit and black hat. I had a lot of make-up on, which is out of character for me. There was this little girl who […]

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Feb 212004

This article is shared by Alexandra Reynolds Nelson had AIDS. He had been in the hospital for months, fighting pneumonia. He was angry and every day he woke up, he grew angrier. He would bitterly say that he just couldn’t take one more day of pain, one more day of waking up in the hospital […]

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