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Jul 102002

This article is shared by Guy Finley The greatest, most abundant resource on planet Earth is also its least understood and utilized. Its unlimited supply is found virtually everywhere, anytime, and under all circumstances, even though few recognize its real value. What is this most precious collective resource? It is our relationships.

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Do you believe in what?

 Norah Griggs  Comments Off on Do you believe in what?
Jun 132002

This story is shared by Norah Griggs Sitting happily at our table at the Health Fair, a man walks up to browse and look at our display. “Would you like to buy a raffle ticket?” we ask. “NO!” he snaps at us quickly, “I’m a Christian.”

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Nurturing the Now

 Vicki Woodyard  Comments Off on Nurturing the Now
Apr 132002

This meditation is shared by Vicki Woodyard Nurturing the Now is my concept of living in the present moment. You simply can’t be any other place or in any other time, so why try? We keep trying because the mental mechanism is geared that way. It takes a definite decision to leave pain and suffering, […]

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Apr 092002

This article is shared by Mohmood Valimohamed At some point during our lifetime, our soul prompts us to ask, “What is my purpose on earth?” We start looking for answers as our curiosity grows. It seems that society is gradually becoming more receptive to spiritual concepts. Interest in New Age, Spirituality, and Divinity is flourishing. […]

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Mar 192002

This story written by K.C. Wakefield is shared by Sara Pentz When Dr. Irwin Fine was five years old he knew he ‘possessed’ the natural gift of healing – by the laying on of his hands. It was the same gift given to his father and his father’s father, which could be traced back into […]

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Angel Hugs

 Marsha Jordan  Comments Off on Angel Hugs
Feb 232002

This story is shared by Marsha Jordan Ever wonder what angels look like? Are they gray-haired women with dangling earrings like Della Reese in the television show? Or do they resemble chubby, winged babies portrayed in paintings? I’ve never seen a spiritual being, so I can’t say. But I have encountered some “earth” angels who […]

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Feb 022002

This article is shared by Debbie Edwards There is something magical about preparing for our final transition from this earthly life. From the beginning of time and tradition, death and transition are just as celebrated as life and birth. We have the unique advantage of consciousness and understanding that allows us to experience all that […]

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Jan 282002

This article is shared by Debbie Edwards We’ve all reached a time in our life where soul searching has begun to take center stage. We are discovering the importance of finding our self worth, our true identity, and deep spiritual fulfillment. We know where we’re headed, but we just don’t know how to get there. […]

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Sep 282001

This story is shared by Robert M. Hensel I grew up with a birth defect known as spina bifida, a disability that affects my sense of balance, causing me to walk with a limp. Not only does it affect the function of the legs, but it also has an impact on the kidneys, causing them […]

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Refinement of the spirit

 Alan Hart  Comments Off on Refinement of the spirit
Aug 072001

This meditation is shared by Alan Hart What God requires of creation is perfection. The whole process of creation is towards perfection. When all is perfect all will be complete, yet what is perfect will continue to create for this is the nature of perfect love. I as an element of creation am destined for […]

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Man is Blind to Those Unlike Him

 Tom Hall  Comments Off on Man is Blind to Those Unlike Him
Feb 082001

This article is shared by Tom Hall If we can understand a saint, then we can understand a man. And if we can understand a man, then we can know how he ought to behave and how he was meant to behave. What is the one characteristic that all saints have in common? Not piety […]

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Jan 242000

This continuing story is shared by Gary Douglas Smith Here is a short recap of my experiences with God. As I write, I am 31 years old. The day after my 31st birthday, while in quiet, I heard a clear, distinct voice. There was no mistaking this voice; it was the voice of God. God […]

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Be Happy Anyway

 Michael Levy  Comments Off on Be Happy Anyway
Jan 222000

This meditation is shared by Michael Levy How do we deal with the jealousy that haunts our lives and what does it take to make us happy? “It is OK for you” is a taunt that has become quite natural for us to say to successful happy people. No matter where we are in this […]

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To Give

 Victor  Comments Off on To Give
Jan 202000

This translated meditation is shared by Victor This may be a bad translation, but it is something I’d like to share with you for it has brought great insight into my life. It is a message that’s been delivered to me every time at work, at school, and in my family. To Give Every person […]

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God Speak

 Sallie Cooper  Comments Off on God Speak
Dec 211999

These poems are shared by Sallie Cooper God Speak In the branches of the oak tree, In the chill of winters air, In the brightness of the sunlight, You will find Me there. In the dampness of the dew, In the mossy, covered stone, In the midst of darkest night You are never on your […]

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unifying intentions

 Yaron Fishman  Comments Off on unifying intentions
Oct 261999

This article is shared by Yaron Fishman correspondence Dear Stan, The reason why I am writing you is because I see unifying intentions behind your work … unifying intentions are becoming more and more evident each and every day, all across the world! Throughout history, society has been a reflection of it’s strongest communicators … […]

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 Ursula Mistry  Comments Off on insights
Aug 171999

This essay is shared by Ursula Mistry To Stan Schaap and his Visitors, Dear Stan, Sharers and Visitors, Went onto the net in June 1999. Sent out first messages to friends and relatives on 1st July 1999. Started talking with opponents on the chess board. Tried to post messages and failed. Learned so much in […]

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Jun 261999

These meditations and a poem are shared by Leenta Scott On questions and answers All is known. There is no need to fret, no need to formulate questions. In the same mode, expect your answers. No voice, no formulated answer – just an inner knowing. Clues yes, guidance yes, definite instructions or answers -no!! That […]

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A Fruitful Melody

 Michael Levy  Comments Off on A Fruitful Melody
May 151999

This poem is shared by Michael Levy The swaying palm, serene and calm, sun beams shining, leaves soaking the warm, living in a world of serenity and peace, coconuts and dates, yields from which we feast.

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My Experience of Practical Spirituality

 Dennis Allen  Comments Off on My Experience of Practical Spirituality
May 141999

This article is shared by Dennis Allen I had just started to write this article by relating my past experience of studying the Course in Miracles and all that went on in my life during that. However, I think it would be more interesting now for me to attempt to describe my current state of […]

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Mar 301999

This story is shared by freed schmitter Long so long ago, when the Universe was Unity and nothing but Oneness, All was Divine. In the Garden of Eden, all was in harmony with all – the Paradise as we imagine and remember it. Then one day, ten-thousands of years, or decades, or centuries, or eons […]

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Nov 291998

If the reality of unconditional love is dawning upon you, as it is on me, then your natural impulse is to freely share your personal experience with the world. This is what practical spirituality is all about. Have you written any meditation, poem, story, letter or essay that may, in its own way, enhance the […]

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