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what I do for a living

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Apr 302010

The other day I realised that if there’s anything I may have learned so far on the path of spirituality it’s that not Spirit but ego is running the show. That brought me down to earth with a bump, but it’s okay. It comes with the territory of living a dream. Reality doesn’t have to […]

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being peace

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Nov 072009

Mind is the director, the actor, and the stage of everything that seems to happen. The whole physical universe is purely mental. In reality nothing ever happens. Reality is total, perfect, undivided, and changeless. The body does appear to have a brain, but it’s not the brain that does the thinking. Space and time, matter […]

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a simple vow

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Dec 252007

This world is totally designed to keep us away from the peace of God, the state of mind that we are still enjoying in reality. So, in this dream of a worldly existence we’re meant to be upset most of the time. Even when there’s a semblance of real joy for a moment, it’s only […]

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Apr 152007

It would be insane to overlook reality as if it didn’t exist, wouldn’t it?. That’s why anything real doesn’t have to be forgiven. It would be equally insane not to overlook illusions. That’s why illusions are only there to be forgiven, all of them without exception. Awakening starts with recognizing what’s real and what’s not, […]

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who's to blame?

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Mar 032007

There are a lot of complaints about this world, and rightly so. Judging from experience it wouldn’t be unfair to call it hell. Now, who’s to blame for this? Who dunnit? Because the atrocities of this world clearly have sprouted from the insane mind of a vicious killer, God – Who is Love – is […]

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Feb 032007

There’s no faster way to end suffering in myself and others then by forgiving the world for what it is not. It’s not true what needs to be forgiven, it’s only an illusion. Unreality taken for real is the cause of all suffering, and forgiveness takes care of that. By letting go of the illusion […]

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a practical approach

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Sep 242006

Any problem in life is a matter of definition: how do I want to see it? That again depends on how I want to see myself. Sometimes I experience a state of mind in which I do not see problems anymore whatsoever, because I’m feeling free and at peace. This gives me a completely different […]

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May 132006

The world has given us many questions, and even more questionable solutions, but never the real answer. The real answer is given long before even the first question could be asked, and long before the idea of a world could take hold in the mind. The real answer is the timeless truth of what I […]

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Nov 102005

Earth has but one religion, the religion of separation, and even atheists fervently adhere to it. No creed is defended more fiercely than that of separation, because it’s all driven by an unrecognized sense of guilt. Guilt is caused by the belief that I can really separate myself from the all encompassing whole that is […]

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Oct 092005

There’s nothing personal about ‘enlightenment’, yet for the one and only mind the concept of enlightenment is meaningless, too. In reality, being unenlightened is not an option. So, what is there to enlighten? The answer can only be: an illusion, no doubt. But what does it mean when an illusion becomes enlightened?

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May 262005

Here’s the situation. We are spirit, and mind is our instrument to be active. This mind, in a moment of temporary insanity, dreams up a world of form separate from the one and only reality that is God. Separating from the all powerful One is a fearsome act, but by mental dissociation the mind escapes […]

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free will

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Sep 172004

I’m here to learn, by teaching what I’ve chosen to believe. The teaching or demonstration itself is unavoidable, the belief is not. My perception depends on the cobwebs in my mind. Without a structure of ideas perception is impossible.

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Sep 112004

I’m not the keeper of my holy mind; the Holy Spirit is. It’s irresponsible of me to assume responsibility for thoughts that are not of God, and therefore are not real. I choose what I believe to be true, but only when my choice is made under the guidance of the Holy Spirit will it […]

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don't make it real when it isn't

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Jul 192004

All my problems are the result of taking one tiny mad idea seriously: that I could be separate from God – the only reality. This thought of separation gave rise to the illusion of the ego, which seems to have a mind of its own, but it’s only a tiny part of the mind, filled […]

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May 292004

Illusions have to be forgiven at the level on which they seemingly occur. That’s why enlightenment cannot be postponed to some kind of afterlife. It has to happen while one is still being tempted to judge appearances as real. The mind cannot let go of illusions to which it’s not being exposed.

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forgiveness undoes what never happened

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Oct 192003

For only one infinitesimal moment my mind was astray, fell from Heaven, instantly projected the entire universe, complete with eons of evolution, ages of bloody history, life in a body that started dying from birth… and took it all for real. The illusion of consciousness was born.

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responsible, not guilty

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Feb 082002

Who is responsible for what I experience? I’m responsible for what I believe to be true. I’m also completely free to believe whatever I want. Every desire is a choice I make. Accepting my responsibility means accepting my free will and guilt has no dominion over a free heart. However, no form of belief is […]

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the only error

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Dec 312001

The only error I can make in any situation, is going against my innermost wish. That means denying myself what I really, really want. Not, what the illusion of a separate ego wants but what my being part of All That Is wants. Whatever is supposed to be wrong, this is the mother of all […]

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the real stuff

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Dec 252001

Is it realistic to think that perception and experience can prove anything to be true? Does something truly exist just because I see it and perhaps others see it too? Who can prove that we aren’t all deluded, like when all of mankind still was seeing the sun revolve around the earth?

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life without death

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Oct 282001

It’s completely realistic not to accept the finality of death or bereavement. What does make these experiences painful is not their reality but my unwholesome inclination to believe that we are bodies and therefore doomed to perish and lose each other. Whatever I believe my perception and experience will bear out. Only inner peace has […]

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Oct 272001

The body being a temporary expression of eternal mind can only show how I want to see myself now. I am a child of God but I usually feel less than overjoyed and sometimes downright implacable. Fear hems me in. Fear makes me value my petty judgment above anything else while closing my mind to […]

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Oct 242001

With every loveless act I perceive or experience someone is supposed to be the victim and another the perpetrator but that’s not the way I deeply inside know it to be. Anyone who has had some experience with performing in a graceful and effortless way, like catching a ball without knowing how (s)he did it, […]

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as within so without

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Aug 222001

What I want to see in myself is what I will make manifest in the world. If my manifestation is not clear it’s because I’m still confused about what I really want. Conflicts without are only witnesses to a conflict within. Because the nature of love is sharing the eternal reality of abundance, I can […]

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astronaut of inner space

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Aug 122001

When I take my visible world for real, like I usually do, I’m working with an extremely rarefied version even of the physical universe, let alone reality. To get an idea of this stupendous oversight, consider some basic postulations about our universe: my eyes show me forms of solid matter where there are only subatomic […]

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Jul 142001

Reality is not difficult. What’s making things difficult for me is my own resistance to see the truth of what I am, to accept reality, and to rely on it as totally safe and harmless. My worldly mindset, being ruled by fear and presenting its own feverish distortions as true, cannot deal with the simplicity […]

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seeing for myself

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Jun 262001

There’s no benefit in limiting the love I am. There’s no benefit in denying the truth I am. There’s no benefit in avoiding the freedom I am. Any limitation is an act of violence.

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making a habit of love

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Jun 022001

They say we’re creatures of habit meaning that we show patterns of behavior that are very difficult to change. However, behavior cannot exist without activity of mind. Mind works with thought and thoughts can easily change.

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love and fear

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Apr 222001

Falling in love and at the same time being seized with fear is not an unusual combination of feelings. It’s more like an intensification of my “normal” condition because fear seems to be a constant background noise in every activity in which my mind engages. The intensified feelings of a lover only make the need […]

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