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Jun 152001

After getting onto the net in 1999, June, I played chess and talked to opponents across the board. Then I discovered the chess notice board. There was a message posted by ‘oracle’ on philosophy with topics like what is happiness, what is justice, are our decisions really our own, how does God relate to all […]

Where there is Light there is Love

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Jun 062001

In my e-mail was an invitation from www.poetry.com to a free poetry contest. As directed, I “entered now” to win $10,000. If anything is left after all the books I will buy with my winnings, I shall get a few presents for my dear ones, or maybe some crystals for myself (I can always pass […]

The Artist's Way

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May 212001
The Artist's Way

Thank you, Cynthia. I love getting your Reality Shifters News. There is always something special just waiting to be shared. Today I opened Reality Shifters Metaphysical Books, Bookshelf 1 of 5, and immersed myself in: Future Memory by P. M. H. Atwater (Brain shifts into higher gear with this future classic), The Complete Idiot’s Guide […]

The Cultural Creatives

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May 212001
The Cultural Creatives

Welcome! You are here amongst 50 million friends. You have opened this page. You are reading this journal. You had at least 300 million other pages to choose from. What brought you here? Obviously you belong to the new race of cultural creatives.

Harmlessness and Growing Wings

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May 192001

The current millenium has roughly 998 years to go before we enter the next millenium. Today I found this “Meditation for the Millenium 2000 AD” Peace Love Joy Harmlessness Generosity Compassion Forgiveness Patience Charity And may these Begin with me.

Death, Grief and Separation

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May 102001

Her husband adored Perin. Every evening he came home, changed and then they went together to the Club, where he played tennis and she played bridge. That evening they had both been well pleased with their games and their friends. He drove and sang all the way home. Then she walked to the lift and […]


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May 072001

It was my third major operation. As always, our family doctor remained present. Already sedated, I heard a big bang. An oxygen cylinder had exploded right here in the operation theater. I thought this would postpone the operation. Hearing the doctors talk I remained comatose. In fact, the operation was over. The surgeon was worried […]

The Christ Spirit

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May 062001

Had someone asked me earlier to define the Christ Spirit, I would have said, “Love and Light” but felt I’m missing something. The question here is of course, “What is the Christ Spirit in a person?” Today I found an answer I’d like to share:


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May 022001

We are entering the Time of Shareability says Wistancia Stone. We are in massive merge mode now and the intensity of the transition is accelerating every day. Wistancia can see the energy of it pouring into the planet and into our bodies on a daily basis now. Massive amounts of love and light energies and […]

Teaching Parents

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Mar 192001
Teaching Parents

The question I am most often asked is: “What shall we teach our parents?” There is no easy answer, because parents believe it is they, who are responsible for our performance on the potty, in school, in college and in marriage. We must remember that parents are insecure adults, who live in a world, which […]

The Buddhas of Bamiyan

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Mar 062001

Today I felt need to visit Lichtinsel, the island of light and draw myself an Angel Card, to find out which angel accompanies me right now. You never guess! When I turned the card I was faced with the Guardian Angel of Maturity. This angel (the lesson says) helps us to become wise human beings, […]

Just Stop and Say Hello

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Feb 142001
Just Stop and Say Hello

The first e-mail of the day came from my niece Farida, settled in Australia who sent me a verse shared by a friend: May today there be peace within you. May you trust God that you are exactly where You are meant to be. I believe that friends are quiet angels who Lift us to […]

Feb 142001
Amazing Grace

Yesterday my day started with a real good old fashioned belly laugh. Received the current issue of Seeds of Joy and opened a few pages. Made a note of two Dr. Albert Schweitzer quotations: Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, You […]


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Jan 312001

On Friday, 26 January 2001, at 08.46 local time, an earthquake of magnitude 7.9 shook North-Western India. We had left for our country home and did not feel the tremors that scared Bombay residents. Near the epicenter at least twenty-thousand people have died. The economic damage runs into billions. The after-shocks continue.

Jan 052001
Promise at Dawn

My bathroom shelf is a mini-library. There I keep old books I might want to re-read, and this is how I found Romain Gary’s Promise at Dawn. This book was published in Great Britain in 1962 and I must have read it soon after.

My Christmas Miracle

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Dec 242000

During the night of twenty-first to twenty-second December, I had a throbbing pain. One of my front teeth, part of a bridge, had gone septic. By morning I knew the bridge needs to come out immediately to get rid of the infection. There goes Christmas and our plans for the New Year Party and having […]

Knowing Enough and Transcending Decline

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Nov 272000
Knowing Enough and Transcending Decline

Yesterday I cleaned two book-cases and re-discovered several treasures. One was “The Tao of Power”, a translation of the Tao Te Ching by R. L. Wing. Opening it a random I read: When the world possesses the Tao. Even fast horses are used for their dung, When the world is without Tao, War-horses are raised […]

Nov 082000

Everything animate and inanimate has within it a spirit dimension and communicates in that dimension to those who can listen. Just been visiting the Navajos and Hopis with Jerome Bernstein . They want him to come back. “We have been waiting for you” they said. “We have been listening to you listen, and we think […]

Mystic Rider

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Oct 252000

Mystic Rider, a neighbor of power to share has two dolphins playing in the moon light, introducing “No-Thought for the Day”. Today’s no-thought seems to be made known specially for me. If you have not by nature a critical mind Your staying here is useless. Gurdjieff

Oct 252000

This morning Eia guided me to Angel Haven and Angel of the Day. I was invited to give my date of birth and was told that I was born on a Tuesday. Tuesday’s Archangel is Samael. He protects me with a cloak of deep red violet for compassion, forgiveness and transformation. My element is Divine […]

Over and Over Again

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Sep 302000

Had e-mail from Adelia d’Albuquerque (Delia for short) with a copy of her article of Kew Gardens, London. Delia and I are tree-huggers, so I know just how exhilarating her Kew Garden experience was. Sent Delia a short reply. Will write a long letter later, after I’ve gone to Kew Gardens on the web.

The Rainbow is not silent

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Sep 192000

The Rainbow is not silent, if we but care to listen. Each color of the spectrum pours unseen powers into our world as vibrations. These vibrations interact with our own and influence our life. The material world is alive with atomic motion. Motion creates sound. Colors are the spiritualization of sound. Colors are wonderful healing […]

Sep 052000

Anyone who has a web-site will confirm that the feedback we receive in the guest book, if positive, nourishes our spirit. Maybe Avalon Crystals, like Power to Share, is such a happy place to return to again and again, because Stan and Susan and Kerry Jo attract positive people.

More About Crystals

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Aug 222000
More About Crystals

Kelly’s newsletter guided me to her gemstone remedies site A-Z, where I found Rose Quartz to be one of the most useful gemstones for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

Aug 222000

Beyond the power to share there now seems to be a distinct urgency to use this power constantly. The generosity of people who share their ability to entertain, amuse, teach and counsel free of charge, and the willingness of people to share their specialized knowledge, their writings, their ideas, their insights freely and often with […]


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Aug 072000

Synchronicity is a recent addition to my vocabulary. In the olden days people synchronized films and dance numbers and noticed an occasional coincidence, like you think of a friend and she calls, or you wonder today what happened to him and his letter arrives a week later.

Jumping Classes

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Jul 212000

Am I jumping classes? They did not do this in my days, but today, if a student is very bright, he or she can be promoted to a higher standard out of turn. This is what I mean by jumping classes.

Guidelines for Discernment

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Jul 152000

Channeling has been a widely discussed topic recently. Lee Carroll has offered these guidelines in love. There will always be useful information for everyone. Beware of the channel that gives you useful information for only a few, or tells you that it’s only for a special group or a sequestered number. It must be useful […]

Seeing is Believing

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Jul 152000

Today’s Journal entry is dedicated to my dear friend Jim Gurley, who send me the lovely poems I will first share with you. Seeing is Believing 1 Light does not fall casually On your patterns Stairways