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Jan 102000

Today I would like to pass on to you the words with which, in the summer of 1979 in Bombay, the Danish Painter Arne Pjedsted Salomonsen introduced his paintings. Art is a dream made reality, the dream is a reality not yet understood

Jan 052000
Huna Prayer for Perfect Health

Happy New Year! We managed to be wide awake to greet the Year 2000 and again joined the midnight celebrations in New York the next morning on TV. 2000 began well. Found a cartoon website. Here are two samples:

Your Life is Your Work of Art

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Dec 281999

A friend asked in Stan’s discussion forum about what books to read to develop psychic powers. I remembered Shakti Gawain’s book which I had found years ago. It’s one of those I had been distributing copies to friends, but had not looked at myself for a long time. My book-cases, cupboards and shelves are overflowing […]

Dreams for the Next Thousand Years

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Dec 211999

In the next millennium I would like to be reunited with a beloved pine tree, cover the Himalayan foothills with woods, dress our denuded planet with one third forest cover and restore sparkling streams, rivers and oceans. I want to nurse the soil back to health, clean the air, and make the desert bloom.

Joy to the World

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Dec 201999
Joy to the World

Greetings dear friends, old and new, known and yet to meet, gone and waiting to be reborn, learners and fellow travelers, onlookers and guardian angels willing us into a millennium of higher consciousness.

The Earth is but One Country

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Dec 181999

We are back home in Bombay. Martin and Grazyna left last night for Berlin. I miss them. It’s good there is work for me to do here – like explaining Stan Schaap to Ross Campbell and investigating the Baha’i faith. When we returned from our sight-seeing tour there was a letter in my e-mail from […]

A World of Wonderful People

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Dec 021999

Last night I made an attempt to chat and booked myself into a what’s-it chat room which happens to come along. This is one of the problems the newbies have. (Add to internet dictionary. A newbie is an ordinary, lovable and basically intelligent human being who becomes brain-dead when confronted with internet-guru-lingo, tutorials and on-line […]

Nov 251999
Mother Meera Continued

Andrew Harvey, the author of the book Bergmann brought me, says he lit a candle before the picture of Mother Meera and looked into her eyes. The photo came to life and emitted white light. Other people had told him about this, but he experienced it for the first time. Since I must write more […]

The Season of Comfort and Joy

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Nov 251999

Momfeather and Mother Meera The Bombay winter has started, bright and sunny, not too hot in the shade during the day and pleasantly cool at night. With it come family and friends from abroad, and I get less time for my journal. Der Bergmann (our Indian friend from Penzberg) has come and gone. Bergmann brought […]

YAR KA Who are You? Where are You?

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Nov 011999
YAR KA Who are You? Where are You?

e-mail to sdigk@yahoo.com sent last Friday: This Moment can be filled with daydreams upon which a future depends, with knowing what’s real in spite of what seems to be.,br> It can be filled with worry, regret, loneliness, distress. Which to choose? While the numbers tick, see the decisions you’re making now, each new parallel world […]

Who is the Guide?

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Oct 281999
Who is the Guide?

For some practical spirituality, next to Stan Schaap, I can always count on Richard Bach. He is easy to find. Just ask Search Engine for Richard Bach (http://www.richardbach.com/). Why did you land here? Where have you flown? What is it that you know without question, no matter how others insist?

Reality is an Undivided Wholeness

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Oct 251999

Reality is an Undivided Wholeness (amongst other things) Last night I stumbled into Common Sense Science – a truly enchanting web site. If I remember correctly, the approach was via Science and Philosophy. This discovery, following so close on the heals of Reality Shifts (see Ursula’s Web Journal – Tuesday’s catch) made me pitch for […]

Oct 211999

What do you do when you find this in your morning e-mail? Greetings dear traveler on the path. It is so heartwarming and exciting to share with someone who also “sees” the Ramacharaka books for what they really …. A guided tour of the journey home (among other things). The advance course and others have […]

Secrets of Soil and Water

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Oct 041999

This page is for Stan of powertoshare and will also be e-mailed to my new friends. Like Richard Bach says – ‘some of my best friends are people I have never met’. Richard is one of them , and so are the people who read and reviewed one of my favorite books for amazon.com.

If it Itches, Scratch it

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Sep 281999

Meet Spirit Here I goofed. I want to tell you exactly how to reach Spirit. She is frolicking somewhere in Stan Schaap’s favorite books and links [May 2004: these pages have been discontinued].

It is Time for Light to Fill Your Screen

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Sep 221999

This morning I made a note to myself: Love is the only reality. Strange. I firmly believe this. Yet I keep on – wide awake to the fact I am living in dreams – keep on resisting ‘my good,’ keep on ‘playing truant.’ And this I do with great enthusiasm. Why? Can you explain this […]

Click here

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Sep 181999
Click here

Three pages text wiped off! How did it happen? This is the second time I am asking this question. Maybe I should start from the beginning. Went to Stan Schaap. Found EIA’s Spiritual Connection http://www.eia17.com “I will send you a helper.”

Tuesday's Catch

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Sep 071999

This has become a routine now. I get up around 6.30 a.m. and spend a couple of hours on the net. There is less traffic so early in the morning. Everything functions well and I found IUCI. First of course I read my mail (not much there) and then send letters to Stan and Susan […]

Be Happy to Be

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Sep 021999

One upon a time, like all good souls, I went guru shopping. Many advanced spirits came and tried to show me the way. Then came one who said “Seek not by any one path,” and I knew he was my true guide.

Internet – a concept of 14,000 years ago?

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Aug 231999

Dear freed, Your comparison between the Akashic Records and the Internet is interesting. Perhaps you would like to share what Yogi Ramacharaka has said on the subject. Nothing ever perishes.


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Aug 171999

Dedicated to Stan Schaap, the good news network, and all who share. Ursula Mistry, born on 3rd September, 1929 in Berlin, lives in Bombay, India. She always had a bent for reflection and contemplation, which, by the way, often got her into trouble at home.

Letter to Greg

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Aug 161999

Dear Greg, You don’t know – or perhaps you do – what a lovely feeling it is to say to yourself I AM NOT ALONE. Thank you very much for your response.