Mar 192002

This story written by K.C. Wakefield is shared by Sara Pentz When Dr. Irwin Fine was five years old he knew he ‘possessed’ the natural gift of healing – by the laying on of his hands. It was the same gift given to his father and his father’s father, which could be traced back into […]

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Angel Hugs

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Feb 232002

This story is shared by Marsha Jordan Ever wonder what angels look like? Are they gray-haired women with dangling earrings like Della Reese in the television show? Or do they resemble chubby, winged babies portrayed in paintings? I’ve never seen a spiritual being, so I can’t say. But I have encountered some “earth” angels who […]

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responsible, not guilty

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Feb 082002

Who is responsible for what I experience? I’m responsible for what I believe to be true. I’m also completely free to believe whatever I want. Every desire is a choice I make. Accepting my responsibility means accepting my free will and guilt has no dominion over a free heart. However, no form of belief is […]

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Feb 022002

This article is shared by Debbie Edwards There is something magical about preparing for our final transition from this earthly life. From the beginning of time and tradition, death and transition are just as celebrated as life and birth. We have the unique advantage of consciousness and understanding that allows us to experience all that […]

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Jan 282002

This article is shared by Debbie Edwards We’ve all reached a time in our life where soul searching has begun to take center stage. We are discovering the importance of finding our self worth, our true identity, and deep spiritual fulfillment. We know where we’re headed, but we just don’t know how to get there. […]

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the only error

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Dec 312001

The only error I can make in any situation, is going against my innermost wish. That means denying myself what I really, really want. Not, what the illusion of a separate ego wants but what my being part of All That Is wants. Whatever is supposed to be wrong, this is the mother of all […]

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the real stuff

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Dec 252001

Is it realistic to think that perception and experience can prove anything to be true? Does something truly exist just because I see it and perhaps others see it too? Who can prove that we aren’t all deluded, like when all of mankind still was seeing the sun revolve around the earth?

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The Vision

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Dec 242001

New Years Resolutions should not be made in haste and forgotten at leisure. This is a reminder to myself to formulate my agenda now. I have only one resolution, to which I may add wishes and preferences. My resolution is to say “Thank you” to every one who has contributed to my spiritual growth.

Dec 042001
My Cosmic Form

To You, My Friends Greetings, and Thank you for being You. 2001 was a remarkable year. Whether we have been in touch directly or shared the gentle pull of higher consciousness unknowingly, we have been together in this fast running stream of evolution. The uplift and unity we experience is “out of this world”. On […]

life without death

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Oct 282001

It’s completely realistic not to accept the finality of death or bereavement. What does make these experiences painful is not their reality but my unwholesome inclination to believe that we are bodies and therefore doomed to perish and lose each other. Whatever I believe my perception and experience will bear out. Only inner peace has […]

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Oct 272001

The body being a temporary expression of eternal mind can only show how I want to see myself now. I am a child of God but I usually feel less than overjoyed and sometimes downright implacable. Fear hems me in. Fear makes me value my petty judgment above anything else while closing my mind to […]

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Oct 242001

With every loveless act I perceive or experience someone is supposed to be the victim and another the perpetrator but that’s not the way I deeply inside know it to be. Anyone who has had some experience with performing in a graceful and effortless way, like catching a ball without knowing how (s)he did it, […]

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Sep 282001

This story is shared by Robert M. Hensel I grew up with a birth defect known as spina bifida, a disability that affects my sense of balance, causing me to walk with a limp. Not only does it affect the function of the legs, but it also has an impact on the kidneys, causing them […]

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All is Well with the World

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Sep 272001

On 3rd September we celebrated our wedding anniversary, my birthday and the new computer. I had a lot of ‘thank yous’ to write and kept the special ones till last. On 11th September, the Old World came to its predicted end. We were woken to the consciousness of universal peril, universal brotherhood and the need […]

as within so without

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Aug 222001

What I want to see in myself is what I will make manifest in the world. If my manifestation is not clear it’s because I’m still confused about what I really want. Conflicts without are only witnesses to a conflict within. Because the nature of love is sharing the eternal reality of abundance, I can […]

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Aug 202001

This is for Tara Jene and any other friend and visitor interested in Native Healing Sciences. Sorry, Tara, I have not found the Navajo Medicine Man Association or other healing methods specifically ascribed to the Navajos. You may have to contact people with more experience.

Aug 142001

There is only one power that wants to be shared, and love is still a good word for it. And so it came to pass that we all meet here on Stan’s slightly other-dimensional plane. Many of us who are old enough will have read Richard Bach’s ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ as one of the truly […]

astronaut of inner space

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Aug 122001

When I take my visible world for real, like I usually do, I’m working with an extremely rarefied version even of the physical universe, let alone reality. To get an idea of this stupendous oversight, consider some basic postulations about our universe: my eyes show me forms of solid matter where there are only subatomic […]

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Refinement of the spirit

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Aug 072001

This meditation is shared by Alan Hart What God requires of creation is perfection. The whole process of creation is towards perfection. When all is perfect all will be complete, yet what is perfect will continue to create for this is the nature of perfect love. I as an element of creation am destined for […]

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Morphic Fields

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Aug 032001

Cynthia Sue Larson visited power to share and introduced us to reality shifts. Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D. too is linked to Stan’s site. He has written a number of books that I like to add to my library. Rupert lives in London. Cynthia sees him in Santa Rosa, California, when he visits to promote his book […]

Jul 142001

Reality is not difficult. What’s making things difficult for me is my own resistance to see the truth of what I am, to accept reality, and to rely on it as totally safe and harmless. My worldly mindset, being ruled by fear and presenting its own feverish distortions as true, cannot deal with the simplicity […]

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Jul 132001

Stephanie posted a message on Stan’s forum of practical spirituality, telling us how unconditional love works for her: First, accept very logically, that there is no god. Then invent a god. The name of this god is unconditional love. Pray to this god. Focus and send out Pure Love. Do not ask for any future […]

Broken Rose Quartz

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Jul 022001
Broken Rose Quartz

Nowadays the highlights of my day occur before 8 a.m. when I read my e-mail. Gool says Firi arrives today. Delia sends an article about Singapore ‘Singlish’. Cyril tells me Dale and he went to the Tibetan Stupa in Leverett, known as the Peace Pagoda and there met a lady born in Morocco of Jewish-Marrano […]

seeing for myself

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Jun 262001

There’s no benefit in limiting the love I am. There’s no benefit in denying the truth I am. There’s no benefit in avoiding the freedom I am. Any limitation is an act of violence.

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The Divine Comedy

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Jun 262001
The Divine Comedy

Amid the war, destruction and despair of a war-torn region, a group of young students came together in 1998 to launch a unique project. This was to establish a free public library in Srinagar, one that would promote educational awareness and also provide career guidance to students. My friends Homayun Taba and Marguerite Theophil heard […]


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Jun 152001

After getting onto the net in 1999, June, I played chess and talked to opponents across the board. Then I discovered the chess notice board. There was a message posted by ‘oracle’ on philosophy with topics like what is happiness, what is justice, are our decisions really our own, how does God relate to all […]

Where there is Light there is Love

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Jun 062001

In my e-mail was an invitation from to a free poetry contest. As directed, I “entered now” to win $10,000. If anything is left after all the books I will buy with my winnings, I shall get a few presents for my dear ones, or maybe some crystals for myself (I can always pass […]

making a habit of love

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Jun 022001

They say we’re creatures of habit meaning that we show patterns of behavior that are very difficult to change. However, behavior cannot exist without activity of mind. Mind works with thought and thoughts can easily change.

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The Artist's Way

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May 212001
The Artist's Way

Thank you, Cynthia. I love getting your Reality Shifters News. There is always something special just waiting to be shared. Today I opened Reality Shifters Metaphysical Books, Bookshelf 1 of 5, and immersed myself in: Future Memory by P. M. H. Atwater (Brain shifts into higher gear with this future classic), The Complete Idiot’s Guide […]

The Cultural Creatives

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May 212001
The Cultural Creatives

Welcome! You are here amongst 50 million friends. You have opened this page. You are reading this journal. You had at least 300 million other pages to choose from. What brought you here? Obviously you belong to the new race of cultural creatives.