A Fruitful Melody

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May 151999

This poem is shared by Michael Levy The swaying palm, serene and calm, sun beams shining, leaves soaking the warm, living in a world of serenity and peace, coconuts and dates, yields from which we feast.

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My Experience of Practical Spirituality

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May 141999

This article is shared by Dennis Allen I had just started to write this article by relating my past experience of studying the Course in Miracles and all that went on in my life during that. However, I think it would be more interesting now for me to attempt to describe my current state of […]

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Mar 301999

This story is shared by freed schmitter Long so long ago, when the Universe was Unity and nothing but Oneness, All was Divine. In the Garden of Eden, all was in harmony with all – the Paradise as we imagine and remember it. Then one day, ten-thousands of years, or decades, or centuries, or eons […]

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bird droppings

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Feb 011999

Some bird droppings that may be nourishing to thought. There is great joy in metaphysical recycling. No-one knows where a thought originates. Could any thought have a unique source if the mind is only one?

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ask not the sparrow

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Nov 291998

Ask not the sparrow how the eagle soars, for those with little wings have not accepted for themselves the power to share with you. From A Course in Miracles® © 1975, T-20.IV.4:7 Quoted by Permission of the Foundation for Inner Peace, Inc. P.O. Box 598, Mill Valley, California 94942-0598 The ideas represented on this web […]

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Nov 291998

Stan Schaap, born May 15, 1947, lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He always had a bent for reflection and contemplation, which, by the way, often boiled down to nothing more than musing and being in the clouds. You couldn’t say he had a quick start. It took him rather long to become used to himself, […]

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not a victim of my past

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Nov 291998

There used to be times when I thought I might just as well kill myself, though something inside me never could take that seriously. That was actually quite annoying. I wanted to do at least this suicide thing right, but I wasn’t even capable of that. I thought then, that this made me an utmost […]

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short of perfection

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Nov 291998

Falling short of perfection could be seen as my reason for existence. If everything were perfect right from the start, this adventure of endless change, this song of Joy, called universe or becoming, couldn’t exist.

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Nov 291998

If the reality of unconditional love is dawning upon you, as it is on me, then your natural impulse is to freely share your personal experience with the world. This is what practical spirituality is all about. Have you written any meditation, poem, story, letter or essay that may, in its own way, enhance the […]

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Nov 291998

Whatever I lack, an invitation to use my power to share is always presenting itself. I may choose not to see it, but the soul will use every situation to make her light come through, so she can enjoy her own splendor. I can always join her in this expansion of happiness. She’s just waiting […]

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nothing is solid

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Nov 291998

The body owes its inspiring innocence to the fact that it is, in its own way, a perfect reflection of the consciousness that creates it. The body, like everything else in this world, is a creation in progress, an ongoing expression of the soul in physical matter. Therefore, the point of application for any real […]

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Nov 291998

What is love? It is simply the essence of reality. This is hard to accept when I believe in the reality of good and evil and the concreteness of physical matter. If I refuse to examine my unproven assumptions about reality, this essence will remain invisible. So, a little unbending is necessary to enable a […]

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Nov 291998

If I cherish an image about myself that is not inspired by what I am, then I’m a cause of trouble, especially for myself. That’s why spirituality is so practical because it means getting in touch and staying in touch with what I am, through openness. These meditations help me to change my self-image and […]

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Nov 291998

Welcome dear visitor. There is only one power that wants to be shared fully, freely and unconditionally, and love is still a good name for it. Love is the ever expanding power of creation in all of us, whether we accept it or not. Since love is therefore a very elementary and universal way of […]

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