Practical Spirituality

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Jan 092007

“Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble. But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead? […] “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” James 2: 19-20; 26 You can have all the […]

Jan 082007

This article is shared by Ben Gilberti The key to the full experience of Truth rests with the fact that, when pressed to admit it, everyone must acknowledge that they in fact cannot be absolutely certain that anything in their experience is true. There is simply no way that anyone can be certain that the […]

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A Door and a Window

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Jan 062007

This article is shared by Dale Hunter When it’s the middle of the night, and the wind is screaming through the rigging at 45 knots, and the boat is heeled thirty degrees, and the seas are running high against you, and water is breaking on deck…, and you’re all alone…, and there is white water […]

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The Causeless Cause

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Dec 202006

A few months back I met this man who told me about how he was abused as a child. He said even though he’s now in his seventies, he’s still hurting. “You know, I can relate to your experience,” I said. “A lot of people go through stuff as children. Tell me, how are you […]

Light is All and in All

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Dec 182006

“When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee. For I am the LORD thy God…” Isaiah 43: 2-3 The Lord is everywhere And always perfect: […]

Some Thoughts on Meditation – Haha

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Dec 072006

Meditation is a wonderful way to know and be our True Self. While there are many different meditation techniques, I believe there are only two types of meditation: active and passive. Active Active meditation is when you’re consciously trying to silence your thoughts, breathing, or whatever technique or rituals you’re practising. Most of the techniques […]

We Have All the Love in the World

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Dec 062006

We have all, the time in the world Time enough for life to unfold All the prescious things love has in store We have all the love in the world If that’s all we have, you will find We need nothing more Every step of the way will find us With the cares of the […]

Dec 052006
The Difficulty In Applying Life’s Greatest Secret

This article is shared by William Cottringer First of all, what is life’s greatest secret? A recently released video, “The Secret,” is bound to have a major impact by explaining what the secret involves and all the benefits it brings. In fact, it is my first experience at hearing a group of very different theologians, […]

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Does realization of misconceptions turn the mind to divinity?

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Nov 282006

It is said that bread is more important for a hungry person than to think about any other aspect of life. But, spirituality is such a thing that even a man of abundance may not devote his attention to divinity, because he remains happily indulged in his materialistic pursuits. He remains happy accumulating a vast […]

Playing it Stupid

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Nov 212006

Last night I watched a programme on television called The Big Idea about inventors competing to win £100,000. Every week inventors try to convince panellists that their invention is worthy of getting to the final and being voted The Big Idea. Big idea? What big idea? There are infinite ideas floating around waiting to be […]


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Nov 172006

In the television quiz show called Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, the contestant has to either answer 15 multiple choice questions correctly to win £1 million or as many questions as he can to win the equivalent in cash. The first few questions are very easy; actually, all the questions are easy when you […]

Freedom is Being the Love that I Am

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Nov 132006

Have you ever noticed dogs fighting for no reason at all? At least that’s what it looks like to me. One minute the dog is perfectly fine and the next he’s about to tear another dog apart or a human. It’s like a kind of madness takes over and the dog is compelled to act […]

Nov 112006

There may be mixed feelings or conclusions about the outcome of our prayers to God. Sometimes God responds to the prayer of an individual and at other times He doesn’t. Let me analyze the situation because this is a very typical question to which nobody can reply straightforward in affirmation or negation.

Overhauling the mind for spirituality

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Nov 112006

Normally, the tendency of the mind is to become a master, and it hates to become a servant. It prefers to worship people or God, not for a love relationship, or to surrender, but for its own purposes. It boasts in worldly affairs and avoids pondering over wise sayings. It gets easily attracted to evils […]

Someone to wake me up spiritually

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Nov 072006

Before going to sleep we never think at what time we shall get up in the morning. According to routine we may get up at the usual time if our sleep is not disturbed. It is when we have to get up early for some purpose we seek help from someone who usually gets up […]

God welcomes us home

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Nov 072006

Though God is in heaven, in our moments of ecstasy and agony He immediately descends in the heart of the believer. In the worldly sense, most of us remain dependant on each other for various purposes and wish to remain on earth as long as possible by all means, because of various attachments, as we […]

The One Brotherhood of Man

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Nov 072006

“For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” Philippians 2: 13 “Don’t be concerned about anything – wonderful things are happening!… Because God is all there is, and He is expressing Himself. The results have to be wonderful.” Wonderful Things are Happening, Dorothy Rieke Yesterday […]

The Giving Gift

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Oct 272006

This Holiday Short Story is shared by Brian Joseph After he had unwrapped his gifts on Christmas morning the the 5 year old boy’s mother asked him which one of his presents he wanted to donate to a poor child who had less than him. “None”, the boy replied. His mom sat him on her […]

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There are No Doors

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Oct 192006

A while back, I had the following dialogue with a friend who was responding to my post called That Didn’t Happen!. Friend: Perhaps you shouldn’t be shutting doors, but opening them. Enocia: Maybe. On the other hand, perhaps, there are no doors. Source The Universe is total freedom. It is our true nature to be […]

Oct 192006

I want to share a wonderful and inspiring article written by Dorothy Rieke. Enjoy. Enocia ******************** Wonderful Things Are Happening by Dorothy Rieke, 1969. One night following a Wednesday evening meeting, a friend of mine made a statement to a friend of hers. She said with great positiveness and conviction in her voice, “Don’t be […]

Oct 122006

What is freedom? Is Freedom what you are when you’re financially secure? And when you have total financial freedom you can do whatever you wish, go where you want, and be whoever you want to be. That’s one way to define freedom. Here’s another way.

Universal companionship through love to a spiritual teacher

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Oct 112006

Give and take is the core principle of worldly relationships. The problem starts when one doesn’t get what one expects in return. A man leaves a beautiful wife if she can’t produce children. Similarly, a wife leaves her husband if he is not able to provide what she expected. Not only in domestic life but […]

Pains and pleasures on the spiritual path

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Oct 112006

Usually we feel a sort of detachment from worldly affairs when we attend a funeral and visit a cemetery. This detachment leaves soon after we get home. It is like a stone thrown in an algae covered pond. Its impact breaks the algae cover through which clean water shines. But soon the algae re-cover the […]

Innocent love affair in children

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Oct 112006

My granddaughter, 3 years old, went to Kid’s school and on the first day she was attracted to a boy of comparatively short stature wearing spectacles. She liked him so much that she was grabbing him repeatedly. Weary of her behaviour and feeling discomforted, the boy bit her arm but she neither cried nor developed […]

The Personal versus the Universal Approach

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Oct 102006

I recently watched a documentary called Incredible Animal Journeys where the presenter, Steve Leonard, “charts the lives of animals in the wild.” In the episode I saw, Steve follows a polar bear and her young cub who have travelled over 3,000 miles. Steve wonders how mother and cub can travel so far in such arctic […]

Person or Spirit?

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Oct 092006

Pain is of the ego. The real self never goes through any pain. The dominant paradigm (model) in this reality we collectively define as earth is that one evolves through learning from experience. You come into a family, society and culture, you go through trials and tribulations. You look back on your experiences and try […]

Upheavals in crossing the river

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Sep 292006

A young man, Shri Chaitnya, left his widow mother and issueless wife to embark on spirituality (meeting his beloved God) by way of renunciation. There was a lot of commotion at home and resistance from all concerned. Earlier, his elder unmarried brother had also disappeared for the same purpose and never returned to show his […]

The King of Love

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Sep 292006

There is a man I see almost every morning in our neighbourhood who always says hello. He loves his alcohol and he’s at it morning, noon and night. Last night as I was walking home I saw him and he beckoned me over. “Why don’t you come and visit me sometime?” he slurred. “I live […]

a practical approach

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Sep 242006

Any problem in life is a matter of definition: how do I want to see it? That again depends on how I want to see myself. Sometimes I experience a state of mind in which I do not see problems anymore whatsoever, because I’m feeling free and at peace. This gives me a completely different […]

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Come, Let Me Kiss You Better!

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Sep 222006

A little boy fell and started crying. His mother said, “Come to mummy. Let me kiss your knee better.” She kissed her son’s knee and gave him a big hug. The boy was soon smiling again. The love that mother gave to her son is symbolic of Divine Love that doesn’t judge; it is a […]